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Achievements in Climate and Inclusion Faculty Award

The object of this award is to recognize those faculty members who regularly engage in service activities designed to encourage and facilitate a more inclusive and welcoming climate for all. 

2020 Winners

Headshot of Mary Campbell

Mary Campbell, Department of Sociology

“As a scholar in the area of race and ethnic relations, Dr. Campbell understands quite well the overt and covert obstacles that may hinder the uninitiated. She uses this understanding to quell conflict and focus our attention on addressing systemic problems at the micro-, meso-, and macro-levels. Her concern for creating a welcoming environment for marginalized groups does not end at Texas A&M University.”

Headshot of Sonia Hernandez

Sonia Hernández, Department of History

“Dr. Hernández has been a fierce ally of the Aggie community, but more importantly, she encourages Aggies to support and promote diversity and inclusivity in the classroom and the community at-large.”


Headshot of Alain

Alain Lawo-Sukam, Department of Hispanic Studies

“The visible and especially the invisible work performed by Dr. Lawo-Sukam have been instrumental for many students in allowing them to continue and complete their studies. Without this support, several students would have abandoned studies or slowed significantly their progress toward graduation.”


Headshot of Lucy Miller

Lucy Miller, Department of Communication

“Dr. Miller contributes to building a more welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty in particular in numerous often-unseen ways. She regularly advises queen graduate students on how to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities that center on the intersection of their scholarly, sexual, and gender identities.”


Headshot of Terri Pantuso

Terri Pantuso, Department of English

“Throughout the time I have known her, Dr. Pantuso has exhibited qualities that make her an excellent leader and mentor. She works very hard to ensure that the students under her care have all the necessary materials and support they need in order to be successful.”


Headshot of Isaac Sabat

Isaac Sabat, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

“Dr. Sabat has had a distinguished professional career that has been coupled with a longstanding commitment to improving and enhancing the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals. He has made an impact on many levels – through his advocacy and administrative roles, scholarship, and individual mentorship.”


2019 Winners

Photo of Sheela Athreya

Sheela Athreya, Department of Anthropology

“I wish to emphasize just how important Dr. Athreya’s leadership role in relation to issues of climate, inclusion, and diversity is to our department and to our College. She has served as a voice and an advocate for underrepresented and disempowered people within and without academia for years, and has positively impacted the lives of more faculty, students, and staff than I can possibly count.”


Photo of Felipe Hinojosa

Felipe Hinojosa, Department of History

“Dr. Hinojosa simply does everything he can on campus to help students feel included and like they belong.  He led a town hall conversation on campus climate and the importance of student movements/activism. Listening to him not only validate the efforts past and current students put into creating inclusive spaces but also encourage others do take part of those efforts, really inspired the students who attended the talk.”


Photo of Ashley PassmoreAshley Passmore, Department of International Studies

“It goes without saying that this sort of work has considerable costs. Dr. Passmore might well have taken some of the time that she spends working on building a Jewish Studies program to focus on her own research... I know that she has made sacrifices in order to build a community of students and scholars with an interest in Jewish Studies. This is the kind of work that is all too often overlooked or marginalized in discussions of academic performance. Anyone who knows her recognizes the seriousness with which she has taken her advocacy and program-building role.”


Photo of Brittany PerryBrittany Perry, Department of Political Science 

“Apart from the institutional support, Dr. Perry also takes the time to extend emotional support. She does not teach graduate courses but is always available to talk and listen to us. She had made a big impact to me, a woman and a foreigner from the Global South, because she strongly believes that an inclusive environment is essential to our success in the discipline. Dr. Perry has and is helping me navigate through my graduate school experiences and has made me feel welcome and empowered even when I am thousands of miles away from my home.”


Photo of Nancy Plankey-VidelaNancy Plankey-Videla, Department of Sociology 

“Dr. Plankey-Videla is ever vigilant in her efforts to help students feel welcome. One of the challenges to feeling welcomed for many first-generation students from underrepresented groups is the high cost of college. Recognizing this challenge to a sense of belonging, Dr. Plankey-Videla has worked to use open access materials online so that all of her students can have access to reading materials. Her efforts help to eradicate the sense of disconnection from the university and classes that many students with financial challenges might feel.”


Photo of Kristan PoirotKristan Poirot, Department of Communication and Interdisciplinary Critical Studies

“It only takes a short time with Dr. Poirot to understand her commitment to diversity and inclusion.  She is always ready to help explain to those interested in knowing more, and even try to correct mistakes of those around her.  She is not just an academic who theories about improving diversity and inclusion but she takes an active role.  Even more, she supports and pushes others to take a more active role in their own passions of inclusion.”


Photo of Srividya RamasubramanianSrividya Ramasubramanian, Department of Communication 

“Dr. Ramasubramanian offers an unwavering, consistent, reliable presence on this campus, advocating on behalf of some of the most marginalized, historically-disempowered, and underrepresented populations. She makes Texas A&M a better place, a more inclusive space, and a more welcoming community for so many of us who might struggle to recognize this place as home without her influence.”


Photo of Jyotsna VaidJyotsna Vaid, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences 

“Through her informal mentoring of female faculty and graduate students, her formal administrative work, and her own research on women in academia, Dr. Vaid has consistently shown her commitment to facilitating a more inclusive and welcoming climate for all, particularly women and women of color.”