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Future Students

The College of Liberal Arts encourages academic excellence that strengthens and expands our knowledge of the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and performing arts. You will find curricula designed to broaden horizons and enrich the quality of life, as well as help produce informed and responsible citizens.


The Liberal Arts Experience

The Liberal Arts experience at Texas A&M University is more than the classes you take. It’s about what you learn. The hands-on experiences you have along the way…and what you do beyond the classroom as you apply your knowledge.


Learning Communities

Think of them like academic clubs… small academically-focused groups that enhance your experience at Texas A&M.


Outside the Classroom

  • Education Abroad
  • Service Learning – Service learning is when your class engages with local organizations to address human and community needs. By acting as consultants, students apply what they have learned in the classroom to address social issues and challenges within various organizations. For example, sociology students work with Twin City Mission, Child Protective Services, Head Start, and the Child Support division of the Attorney General. Also, a Hispanic studies class coordinates and performs Spanish theater in local neighborhoods.
  • Experiential Learning – Many courses expand learning beyond the classroom to personally experience the topics covered in coursework. For example, in the English department, Dr. Mitchell’s “London in Fact and Fiction” explores London through a range of novels, short stories and documentary films. Students then traveled to London for a week to conduct first-hand research on a selected landmark from their course reading.


Get Involved


Certificate Programs