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This is your future, your life and your choice.  Be prepared to make an informed decision by exploring all of your options.  Explore and find a world of possibilities in any of our 12 departments and 5 interdisciplinary programs.

It is best to pick a degree based on the degree requirements and course offerings, instead of picking a degree with a catchy title.  The best way to find out what you are getting into for the next 4 years is to review our Undergraduate Catalog.  The degree requirements for every major, minor and certificate will be printed in the undergraduate catalog.  Before you select a major that sounds exciting, find out what courses are required to complete the degree.

  • What is in a degree and what courses will I need to take once admitted?
  • Will I enjoy the courses offered and can I see a description of each?
  • Will I get options or is every course chosen for me?

All of these questions and more can be answered by reviewing the undergraduate catalog.

We encourage you to review it, ask questions and be aware of what to expect when you select a degree.

Texas A&M University Undergraduate Catalog – College of Liberal Arts