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Readmissions (Graduate)

Note: GPR (Grade Point Ratio) and GPA (Grade Point Average) are used interchangeably and represent the same thing. Texas A&M consistently uses GPR, but it is most commonly known to students as a GPA.


How to Apply

Applicants must have all of the required documents below completed before re-applying to Texas A&M.

Required Documents

  1. A completed ApplyTexas on-line Application
  2. Application Fee ($50 nonrefundable)
  3. Official transcripts (only if applicant attended another school since their last enrollment at Texas A&M)
  4. IF ADMITTED- Applicants need to provide their Bacterial Meningitis Immunization record

Admission Criteria

Admission decisions for Undergraduate Readmission are based on the applicants GPR on Texas A&M coursework, their GPR on coursework since leaving Texas A&M, applicants desired major, and the information presented in the application.


The Admissions Processing Office does not have specific deadlines for Graduate Readmission applications. However, you should check with your department of interest about departmental deadlines.

How to be Admitted

Review Admits by Graduate Department
Graduate admission decisions are made by each of the individual Graduate Departments and are competitive; thus, you should contact the specific department or program prior to applying to discuss your intent to apply as a ‘Readmit’ student. The decision to admit an applicant to a program of study leading to a graduate degree is the shared responsibility of an academic department, an intercollegiate faculty (where applicable) and/or a college.