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Readmissions FAQs (Undergraduate)

Where do I go to apply for readmission?
Is it required for me to complete an essay, and if so how many, and do I need to complete, all three or just one?
If you did not leave the University in good academic standing (below 2.0 or dismissed from your previous college), then you’ll complete essay “B”. If you left in good academic standings, then you may complete essay “A” or “C”. Completing more than one essay is not necessary.
How many hours is too many hours, in regards to applying for readmission?
There is not an hour cap on the amount of hours you have when applying for readmission. If you’re applying into a major in which you did not leave in, then having more than 90 hours could hinder your chances. Please check with an advisor in the College of Liberal Arts Undergraduate Program’s Office (UPO). Phone number: 979-845-5143
Do I need to turn in my high school transcript(s)?
Can I apply into a different major, other than the one I was originally admitted into?
Yes, but check with the Undergraduate Program Office (UPO) for the College of Liberal Arts before doing so.
If I was dismissed, how many semesters or years do I have to sit out before applying for readmission?
If you were dismissed from your college/university and your grade point average (GPA) is below a 2.0, then you will need to sit out for a year (fall/spring semester…summer does not count) before applying for readmission. If you were semester dismissed (had two consecutive semesters below a 2.0, but your overall GPA is above a 2.0) from the College of Liberal Arts, then you have to sit out for one full semester (summer does not count as a full semester).
After submitting my readmission application, how long does it takes for me to find out an answer?
It can take between 4-6 weeks before you’re notified an answer regarding readmission.
When to apply for readmission
Please go to this website:
After being readmitted, how do I take care of the holds that are on my account?
An academic advisor in the Undergraduate Program’s Office (UPO) will assist you with taking care of your hold(s) after being readmitted.
Who do I need to contact, in regards to readmission and the readmission essay?
Undergraduate Program’s Office (UPO): 979-845-5143