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Undergraduate Transfer Students

Transfer Information Sessions

We strongly encourage all undergraduate students who are hoping to transfer from their current institution to Texas A&M University to attend a Transfer Information Session hosted by the Office of Admissions.  Several are held throughout the year.  It is important that all transfer students attend one of these sessions or contacts the Office of Admissions before meeting with anyone in the college.  This will ensure that all general questions about the application process are answered before your Liberal Arts appointment.  Transfer Information Session Information

Once you have attended a Transfer Information Session or visited with the Office of Admissions to discuss the application process, please review the college transfer information.  Not every degree has the same requirements, and this document will tell you the minimum GPA, required and recommended coursework, and any additional information needed before you apply to the degree/major.

Liberal Arts Transfer Information

Course Transferability

To find out if your courses transfer to Texas A&M, please use the tools available on the Office of Admissions website.  The Transfer Course Equivalency site will show you if your courses transfer and how they transfer.  The Transfer Course Sheets will give you suggestions on what you can take at your current institution to prepare you for transfer admissions.  The Core Curriculum site will provide guidance on what courses are available to you in different categories of our core curriculum.  Please use all of these tools together to get you the best information possible, as every major is different and may ask for different courses.