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    BYLAWS Anthropology-Bylaws-10-20-2016 TRAVEL RESEARCH TEACHING EVALUATION AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT   TRAVEL Faculty Research and Travel Awards (2016-2017) All faculty members in the Department of Anthropology are eligible to apply for a Faculty Research and Travel Award. Awards are intended for research expenses, research-related travel, or travel to conferences (including seminars, symposia, etc). Faculty Research and […]

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    Michael S. Alvard (editor). 2003. Socioeconomic Aspects of Human Behavioral Ecology. Research in Economic Anthropology Series. Volume 23. Elsevier Science. Vaughn Bryant and Kathy Dettwyler (editors). 2004. Reflections: A Four-Field Reader in Anthropology. McGraw-Hill.               Lee Cronk and Vaughn Bryant. 1999. Through the Looking Glass: Readings in General Anthropology. Second Edition. McGraw-Hill. David Carlson. 2017. Quantitative […]

  • A Homo naledi skull, ‘Neo.’ Clockwise from upper left: three-quarter, frontal, superior and left lateral views. Scale bar – 5 cm. Image credit: Hawks et al, doi: 10.7554/eLife.24232.

    Faculty Makes List of Discover Magazine Top Stories for 2017

    A research team that included a Texas A&M University anthropologist who determined the fossil remains discovered last year in a South African cave almost certainly coexisted with early Homo sapiens has been named one of Discover magazine’s “Top 100 Stories for 2017.”

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    Archaeological Diving Safety Manual Texas A&M University (TAMU) is committed to preserving the health and safety of its students, staff, faculty, affiliates, and visitors, and to protecting the environment in which archaeological SCUBA diving occurs. This manual describes TAMU’s general diving policy, diving regulations, certification criteria, medical standards, and emergency procedures to ensure diver safety […]

  • Dr. Vaughn Bryant Selected As One Of 2017-2018 Regents Professor Award Recipients

      The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents recently awarded Dr. Vaughn Bryant, Professor of Anthropology, with the title of Regents Professor. Dr. Vaughn Byrant, Director of the Palynology Lab, was one of 15 recipients for this award for 2017-2018.  Dr. Bryant was the first faculty member to be hired to teach anthropology at […]

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    Department Administration   Bridging Themes Working Groups Evolution & Ecology  (Darryl de Ruiter, Chair) Food/Nutrition/Culture (Allison Hopkins, Chair) Migrations/Dispersals/Diaspora (Ted Goebel, Chair) Technology & Material Culture (Filipe Castro, Chair) Standing Committees Executive Committee Ted Goebel (ARCH) – Fall / Kelly Graf (ARCH) – Spring Darryl de Ruiter (BIO) Mike Alvard (CULT) Cemal Pulak) (NAUT) Mike […]

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    We want to hear from you!! The Department of Anthropology invites friends and former students to stay in touch. We have recently started to send out an electronic newsletter (three times a year) to keep you abreast of exciting developments in the department. And, we have started an online list of former graduate students. We have plans […]