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Theses & Dissertations

Tikal Temple

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties getting all of the theses and dissertations loaded onto the website. We hope to resolve this problem as soon as possible. In the meantime, all Texas A&M theses and dissertations are available here.


ArchaeologyBarrettShaferConstructive hierarchy through entitlement: inequality in lithic resource access among the ancient Maya of Blue Creek, Belize2004Doctorate
ArchaeologyBoydShaferThe Work of Art: Rock Art and Adaptation in the Lower Pecos, Texas Archaic1998Doctorate
ArchaeologyBrunoShaferStructural Timber and Wood Procurement at the NAN Ranch Ruin in Grant County, New Mexico.1998Masters
ArchaeologyBurdenShaferReconstructing the Past: An Architectural Analysis of Communal Structures from the NAN Ranch Ruin, Gran County, New Mexico. 2001Masters
NauticalLittlefieldCarlsonThe Hull Remains of the Late Hellenistic Shipwreck at Kizilburun, Turkey2012Masters
ArchaeologyBruchezCarlson, DavidArchaeological Investigations, Department of Sololá, Southern Maya Highlands: PreMaya to Postclassic Settlement, Northern Terrestrial Rim and Subsurface Shore Lake Atitlán, Guatemala1997Doctorate
ArchaeologyCarlsonShaferTexas Beyond the Periphery: An Archaeological Study of the Spanish Missions During the 18th Century.1994Doctorate
ArchaeologyDeringBryantDynamic Variation in Agricultural Practices During the Classic Period in the Tonto Basin, Arizona.1996Doctorate
ArchaeologyDockallShaferChipped Stone Technology at the NAN Ruin, Grant County, New Mexico. 1991Masters
ArchaeologyDockallShafer & SoleckiTechnological and Functional Variability of Convergent tools from Nahr Ibrahim, Lebanon: Behavioral Implications for Levantine Mousterian Technological Organization1997Doctorate
ArchaeologyEllisShaferEpistemology and the Evaluation of Archaeological Theories: An Empiricist Approach, with a Case Study from the Mimbres Region of southwestern New Mexico. 1998Doctorate
ArchaeologyGangDicksonComparative Analysis of Lithic Materials Recovered from Shurmai (GnJm 1) and Kakwa Lelash (GnJm 2) Rockshelters, Kenya1997Doctorate
ArchaeologyHamShaferAnalysis of the NAN Ruin (LA15049) Burial Patterns: An Examination Mimbres Social Structure. 1989Thesis
ArchaeologyHamptonBryant & ShaferRock Quarries and the Manufacture, Trade, and Uses of Stone Tools and Symbolic Stones in the Central Highlands of Irian Jaya, Indonesia: Ethnoarchaeological Perspectives1997Doctorate
ArchaeologyHillShaferSociocultural Implications of Large Mimbres Sites: Architectural and Mortuary Behavior at Swarts Ruin, New Mexico. 2000Thesis
ArchaeologyHollidayShaferWhere Some More Equal? Diet and Health at the NAN Ranch Pueblo, Mimbres Valley, New Mexico. 1996Doctorate
ArchaeologyJonesBryantPollen Evidence of Prehistoric Forest Modification and Maya Cultivation in Belize.1991Doctorate
ArchaeologyKuehnWatersThe Geoarchaeology of the Little Missouri Badlands: The Late Quaternary Stratigraphic and Paleoenvironmental Context of the Archaeological Record1995Doctorate
ArchaeologyLovingsShaferThe Senescent Mimbres Population: An Application of the Transition Analysis to the NAN Ranch Ruin Skeletal Sample. 2011Thesis
ArchaeologyLyleShaferFunctional Analysis of Mimbres Ceramics from the NAN Ruin (LA15049), Grant County, New Mexico.1996Thesis
ArchaeologyMarekShaferLong Bone Growth of Mimbres Sub-adults from the NAN Ranch (LA15049) New Mexico.1990Thesis
ArchaeologyMeyersCarlson, DavidCommunity, Household, and Status at Hacienda Tabi, Yucatan, Mexico1998Doctorate
ArchaeologyNeylandCarlson, DavidA Study of the Cultural Adaptation in Pram-Class Boatbuilding in the Netherlands1994Doctorate
ArchaeologyOliveShaferThe Oral Health and Dental Characteristics of a Mimbres Population from Southwest New Mexico. 1989Thesis
ArchaeologyParks-BarrettShaferPrehistoric Jewelry of the NAN Ranch Ruin (LA15049), Grant County, New Mexico2011Thesis
ArchaeologyPearlDicksonLate-Pleistocene Archaeological and Geoarchaeological Investigations in the Mukogodo Hills and Ewaso Ng'iro Plains of Central Kenya2001Doctorate
ArchaeologyPendletonBryantLate Holocene Paleoenvironment and Human Ecology in Southwestern New Mexico1993Doctorate
ArchaeologyPetrovichShaferReligious Determinants of the Spatial Aspects of Mortuary Behavior at the NAN Ranch Mimbres Site. 2001Thesis
ArchaeologyPyneShaferMimbres Settlement Patterns and Geoecology: A Case Study of Gavilan Canyon.Thesis
ArchaeologyRaisorDicksonDetermining the antiquity of dog origins: canine domestication as a model for the consilience between molecular genetics and archaeology2004Doctorate
ArchaeologyReinhardBryantDiet, Parasitism and Anemia in the Prehistoric Southwest1988Doctorate
ArchaeologyRoseShaferQuantitative Analysis of Plant Remains from the NAN Ranch Ruin, Grant County, New Mexico.2004Thesis
ArchaeologySchroederCarlson, DavidHistorical Archaeology in the Grand Prairie Division of Illinois: Environmental, Social, Demographic, and Technological Dimensions of Frontier Development1995Doctorate
ArchaeologySobolikBryantPaleonutrition of the Lower Pecos Region of the Chihuahuan Desert1991Doctorate
ArchaeologyZimmermanBryant & SteeleDietary Reconstruction and Subsistence Strategies of Prehistoric Hunter Gatrs of the Texas Gulf Coast1997Doctorate
BiologicalBakerWrightNo Golden Age of Peace: A Bioarchaeological Investigation of Interpersonal Violence on the West Gulf Coastal Plain2001Doctorate
BiologicalDockall-HelenSteeleArchaic Hunter-Gatr Adaptation on the Inland Portion of the West Gulf Coastal Plain: The Bioarchaeological Evidence1997Doctorate
BiologicalPowellSteeleDental Variation and Biological Affinity Among Middle Holocene Human Populations in North America1995Doctorate
CulturalAllisonGriderA Dialogue between Material Remains, Historical Documents, and Oral History: Allenfarm and Rogers Plantation, A Case Study1996Doctorate
ArchaeologyDavisWatersThe Archaeology of the Yakutat Foreland: A Socioecological View.1996Doctorate
ArchaeologyHowardHamiltonHad On and Took with Him: Runaway Indentured Servant Clothing in Virginia, 1774-1778.1996Doctorate
CulturalMatejowskyDannhaeuserCommerce and Society in the Urban Philippines: A Comparative Study2001Doctorate
NauticalAtauzCrismanTrade, piracy, and naval warfare in the central Mediterranean: the maritime history and archaeology of Malta2004Doctorate
NauticalCastroCrismanThe Pepper Wreck: A Portuguese Indiaman at the Mouth of the Tagus River2001Doctorate
NauticalCozziCrismanThe Lake Champlain Sailing Canal Boat2000Doctorate
NauticalDavisWachsmannNavigation in the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean2001Masters
NauticalCollinsCarlsonAmphora Graffiti from the Byzantine Shipwreck at Novy Svet, Crimea2012Masters
NauticalRashCarlsonReconstructing the Assemblage of Iron Artifacts from the Late Hellenistic Shipwreck at Kizilburun, Turkey2012Masters
NauticalDewolfHamiltonChinese Porcelain and Seventeenth-Century Port Royal, Jamaica1998Doctorate
NauticalDonachieHamiltonHousehold Ceramics at Port Royal, Jamaica, 1655-1692: The Building 4/5 Assemblage2001Doctorate
NauticalEmeryCrismanThe Last of Mr. Brown’s Mosquito Fleet: A History of the American Row Galley Allen on Lake Champlain, 1814-1825.2003Doctorate
NauticalFitzgeraldBass & van DoorninckA Roman Wreck at Caesarea Maritima, Israel: A Comparative Study of Its Hull and Equipment1995Doctorate
NauticalFranklinHamiltonBlood and water; the archaeological excavation and historical analysis of the Wreck of the Industry, a North-American transport sloop chartered by the British army at the end of the Seven Years' War2005Doctorate
NauticalFoxHamiltonThe Study and Analysis of the Kaolin Clay Tobacco Pipe Collection from the Seventeenth-Century Archaeological Site of Port Royal, Jamaica .1998Doctorate
NauticalHaileyHamiltonThe Analysis of 17th-, 18th-, and 19th-Century Ceramics from Port Royal, Jamaica for Lead Release: A Study in Archaeotoxicology1994Doctorate
NauticalHallBassA Seventeenth-Century Northern European Merchant Shipwreck in Monte Cristi Bay, Dominican Republic1996Doctorate
NauticalHarpsterPulakA re-assembly and reconstruction of the 9th-century AD vessel wrecked off the coast of Bozburun, Turkey2005Doctorate
NauticalHartmannHamiltonThe Development of Watercraft in the Prehistoric Southeastern United States1996Doctorate
Nautical HerronBassThe Development of Asian Watercraft: From the Prehistoric Era to the Advent of European Colonization1998Doctorate
NauticalHockerSteffyThe Development of a Bottom-Based Shipbuilding Tradition in Northwestern Europe and the New World1991Doctorate
NauticalLeshikar-DentonCrisman & BassThe 1794 Wreck of the Ten Sail, Cayman Islands, British West Indies: A Historical Study and Archaeological Survey1993Doctorate
NauticalParrentCarlson, DavidManagement of Historic Ship Archaeological Sites in the Caribbean1990Doctorate
NauticalPulakBassAnalysis of the Weight Assemblages from the Late Bronze Age Shipwrecks at Uluburun and Cape Gelidonya, Turkey1996Doctorate
NauticalRoyalPulak & HockerThe Development and Utilization of Ship Technology in the Roman World in Late Antiquity: Third to Seventh Century AD2002Doctorate
NauticalSmithHamiltonAnalysis of the Weight Assemblage of Port Royal, Jamaica1995Doctorate
NauticalStewartGrider & Crisman'Rocks and storms I'll fear no more': Anglo-American maritime memorialization, 1700-19402004Doctorate
CulturalAndersonGriderMore Dakota Texts: Collections of Alanson Buck Skinner and Amos Oneroad1993Masters
CulturalBou-SaadaGriderA Human Being is not a Suit or a Shoe!: The Construction and Performance of Identity in Personal Narrative.1995Masters
CulturalBruchezGreenThe Crossingpoint in Petro Ritual: Where Culture Faces Neuro-Psychological Reality in Haitian Voudoun.1992Masters
CulturalCarrEarleEgypt's Population Policies and Family Planning Program: A Critical Examination1996Masters
CulturalEllisDicksonA Critique of Cultural Materialism: The Implications of Epistemology and Strategy on Normative Action.1986Masters
ArchaeologyGardnerDicksonMortuary Practices and Death Beliefs: The Effects of the Culture Group as a System.1988Masters
CulturalGiancristofaroEarleOutside Influences and Traditonal Knowledge in Domestic Space among the Colonia Residents of Cameron Park, Texas1994Masters
CulturalHaasGreen & GriderContemporary Body Modification among Urban Youth in Austin, Texas1998Masters
CulturalHerndonDannhaeuserCrisis in Cultural Adjustment: A Comparative Study of Indian and Korean Graduate Students at Texas A&M University1994Masters
CulturalKrinhopCohenLeonardville: Cultural Expression in a Rural Central Texas Volunteer Fire Department1999Masters
CulturalLoganThomsA Tangled Web: The Role of Material and Ideational Definitions of Culture in Evaluating Coahuiltecan Cultural Change.2001Masters
ArchaeologyMacaulayHamiltonSparta, Texas: Traditions of Self-Sufficiency and Community Solidarity1998Masters
CulturalMatejowskyDannhaeuserA Natural Experiment: The Commercial Transformation of a Medium Range Town in the Philippines1995Masters
CulturalMcCormickGreenThe Communicative Strategies of Church of Christ Compaigning Missionaries: An Ethnography and Comparative Analysis1994Masters
CulturalMcMahonEarleThe Sacred Nature of Maya Bonesetting: Ritual Validation in an Empirical Practice1994Masters
CulturalPeytonDettwylerPostpartum Depression in the Absence of Lactation: An Evolutionary Perspective1996Masters
CulturalPowellDettwylerFolk Narratives, Archaeology, and Descendant Communities: A Case Study of the Albert J. Phillips Memorial Cemetery (41GV125), Galveston County, Texas1998Masters
CulturalSchaumannEarleThe Impact of Tourism, Development, and Religious Change on the Highland Maya Community of Santa Cruz La Laguna Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.1993Masters
CulturalSniderDannhaeuserCross-Border Business Challenges: An Ethnographic Study of Small U.S. and Mexican Farms1997Masters
CulturalSpreenThomasThe Social Implications of Mortuary Remains at Two Mimbres Mogollon Sites in Grant County, New Mexico1983Masters
CulturalStandishCohenContemporary Public Celebrations of the Day of the Dead in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas1999Masters
CulturalStephensDannhaeuserStrategizing Bhopal: Motives and Manipulation in Response to an Industrial Disaster1997Masters
CulturalTanThomasSocial Structure and the Traditional Medical System in the Philippines1982Masters
CulturalWoodDannhaeuserAncestral Land, Inheritance, and the Revitalization of Rural Japan: The Case of Ogata Village1999Masters
BiologicalComuzzieSteeleThe Bioarchaeology of Blue Bayou: a Late Prehistoric Mortuary Site from Victoria County, Texas.1987Masters
BiologicalEavesThomasA Developmental Study of Masticatory Biomachanics in Theropithecus gelada.1980Masters
BiologicalEavesThomasComputer Generation of Graphic Three-Dimensional Representation of Facial Growth in Olive Baboons (Papio cynocephalus anubis).1979Masters
BiologicalMaillouxSteele & DeringAn Examination of Biological Variation in Lower Pecos and Central Texas Human Populations: The Odontometric Evidence2003Masters
BiologicalMarekSteeleLong Bone Growth of Mimbres Subadults from the NAN Ranch (LA15049), New Mexico1990Masters
BiologicalMasseySteeleThe Human Skeletal Remains of a Skull Pit at Colha, Belize1986Masters
BiologicalMinjaresWrightHuman skeletal remains of the ancient Maya in the caves of Dos Pilas, Guatemala2003Masters
BiologicalMillerSteeleThe Effect of European Contact on the Health of Indigenous Populations in Texas1989Masters
BiologicalOliveSteeleTwo Oral Health and Dental Characteristics of a Mimbres Population from Southwest New Mexico1989Masters
BiologicalPatrickSteeleDescription and Demographic Analysis of a Mimbres Mogollon Population from LA 15049 (NAN Ruin)1988Masters
BiologicalRaisorSteeleOld Socorro Mission: An Osteobiological Analysis of the Skeletal Remains from the 1982-1985 Field Excavations1993Masters
ArchaeologyShafferShaferThe Economic Importance of Vertebrate Faunal Remains from the NAN Ruin, A Classic Mimbres Site, Grant County, New Mexico.1991Masters
BiologicalYoungSteeleThe PaleoIndian Skeletal Material from Horn Shelter, Number 2, in Central Texas: An Analyses and Perspective1986Masters
NauticalAdamsBassConstruction and Qualitative Analysis of a Sewn Boat of the Western Indian Ocean1995Masters
NauticalAmerSteffyConstruction of the Brown Bay Vessel.1986Masters
NauticalBachhuberWachsmannAspects of Late Helladic sea trade2003 Masters
Nautical Bakervan DoorninckComputers and Nautical Archaeology: Characterization of the C.S.S. Georgia Wreck Site1982Masters
ArchaeologyBaldwinHockerThe Reconstruction of the Lake Champlain Sidewheel Steamer Champlain II1997Doctorate
ArchaeologyBarrettShaferInterpretation of Postclassic Lithic Production at Colha1999Thesis
NauticalBatchvarovCrismanThe Framing of Seventeenth-Century Men-of-War in England and Other Northern European Countries2002Masters
NauticalBorgensHamiltonAnalysis of the Pass Cavallo shipwreck assemblage, Matagorda Bay, Texas2004Masters
NauticalBrenniBassThe Dolia and the Sea-Borne Commerce of Imperial Rome.1985Masters
NauticalBufordHamiltonThe Militia of the Seas: A Guide to the Confederate Privateers of the American Civil War, 1861-18652000Masters
NauticalClaessonCrismanAnnabella: A North American Coasting Vessel1998Masters
NauticalCarterCrismanArmament Remains from His Majesty's Sloop.1995Masters
NauticalCassavoyBassThe Gaming Pieces from the Glass Wreck at Serce Limani, Turkey.1985Masters
NauticalCharltonBassRope and the Art of Knot-Tying in the Seafaring of the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean.1996Masters
NauticalCliffordHamiltonAn Analysis of the Port Royal Shipwreck and Its Role in the Maritime History of Seventeenth-Century Port Royal, Jamaica.1993Masters
NauticalCoggeshallHockerThe Fireship and Its Role in the Royal Navy1997Masters
Nautical CokeSmithConservation of waterlogged linoleum2004Masters
NauticalCookCrismanThe Readers Point Vessel: Hull Analysis of an Eighteenth-Century Merchant Sloop Excavated in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica1997Masters
NauticalCookHockerMaritimity in Prehistoric Scandinavia: Cognitive Domain Formation and the Reconstruction of a Mesolithic Mindset2001Masters
NauticalCowinBaseArtifacts Recovered off the Southwestern Turkish Coast by Institute of Nautical Archaeology Shipwreck Surveys in 1973 and 1980.1986Masters
NauticalCrismanSteffyThe Eagle: An American Brig on Lake Champlain During the War of 18121984Masters
NauticalDarringtonHamiltonAnalysis and Reconstruction of Impermanent Structures of the 17th and 18th Centuries1994Masters
NauticalDarrochBassThe Visionary Shadow: A Description and Analysis of the Armaments Aboard the Santo Antonio de Tanna.1986Masters
NauticalDoyleBassIconography and the Interpretation of Ancient Egyptian Watercraft1998Masters
ArchaeologyDrollingerShaferAn Investigation of a Late Preclassic Maya chert Workshop from Colha, Belize.1989Masters
NauticalErwinCrismanPersonal Possessions from the H.M.S. Boscawen: Life on Board a Mid Eighteenth-century Warship During the French and Indian War1994Masters
NauticalFeulnerHamiltonAn Analysis of Iron Goods Recovered from La Salle's Belle2002Masters
NauticalFlaniganCrismanThe Rigging Material from Boscawen: Setting the Sails of a Mid-Eighteenth-Century Warship during the French and Indian War1999Masters
NauticalFoxHamiltonThe Bronze Age Objects from Tel Nami, Israel: Their Conservation and Implications for Ancient Metallurgy in the Eastern Mediterranean.1991Masters
NauticalFranklinSteffyCaulking Techniques in Northern and Central European Ships and Boats: 1500 BC - AD 19401985Masters
NauticalFranklinHamiltonWrought Iron Hand Tools in Port Royal, Jamaica: A Study Based Upon a Collection of the Tools recovered from Archaeological Excavations and on Tools Listed in the Probate Inventories of Colonial Port Royal, c. 16921992Masters
NauticalGarigenHamiltonDescription and Analysis of Seventeenth-Century Flintlock Pistols from Pedro Bank, Jamaica1991Masters
NauticalGarvervan DoorninckByzantine Amphoras of the Ninth through Thirteenth Centuries in the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology1993Masters
NauticalGeanetteBassMast Step and Keelson: The Early Development of a Shipbuilding Technology1983Masters
NauticalGoeletSteffyThe Careening and Bottom Maintenance of Wooden Sailing Vessels1986Masters
NauticalGotelipe-MillerHamiltonPewter and Pewterers from Port Royal, Jamaica: Flatware Before 16921990Masters
NauticalGrantCrismanTools from the French and Indian War Sloop Boscawen1996Masters
NauticalHaddanCrismanCeramics from the American Steamboat Phoenix (1815-1819), and Their Role in Understanding Shipboard Life1995Masters
NauticalHaldane-CSteffyThe Dashur Boats1984Masters
NauticalHaldane-Dvan DoorninckThe Wooden Anchor1984Masters
NauticalHalpernBassThe Origins of the Carolinian Sidereal Compass1985Masters
NauticalHedrickHockerThe Investigation of the Caney Creek Shipwreck Archaeological Site 41M321998Masters
NauticalHeidtkeHamiltonJamaican Red Clay Tobacco Pipes1992Masters
NauticalHirschfeldBassIncised Marks on Late Helladic and Late Minoan III Pottery1990Masters
NauticalHitchcockHamiltonIntelligent Whale: A Historical and Archaeological Analysis of an American Civil War Submersible2002Masters
NauticalHoskinsCrisman16th Century Cast-Bronze Ordnance at the Meseu de Angra do Heroismo2003Masters
NauticalHoytHamiltonAn Empirical System for the Identification of Smooth Bore, Case Iron Cannon1986Masters
NauticalHundleySteffyThe Construction of the Griffon Cove Wreck1980Masters
NauticalIndruszewskivan DoorninckA Comparative Analysis of Early Medieval Shipwrecks from the Southern Shores of the Baltic Sea1996Masters
NauticalIngramPulakFaience and glass beads from the late Bronze Age shipwreck at Uluburun2005Masters
NauticalInoueCrismanA Nautical Archaeological Study of Kublai Khan's Fleets1991Masters
NauticalJamesHamiltonThe Analysis of the Conde de Tolosa and the Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Olive Jar Assemblage1985Masters
NauticalJoblingHamiltonThe History and Development of English Anchors ca. 1550 to 18501993Masters
NauticalJohnsonCrismanPort Royal, Jamaica, and the Slave Trade2000Masters
NauticalJonesCrismanThe Mica shipwreck: deepwater nautical archaeology in the Gulf of Mexico2004Masters
NauticalKaneCrismanThe Western River Steamboat: Structure and Machinery, 1811 to 18602001Masters