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Archaeology Faculty

Vaughn Bryant Regents Professor Anthropology 308F (979) 845-5242 Archaeology
Ted Goebel Associate Director for the Center for the Study of the First Americans, Promotion and Tenure Committee Chair Professor Anthropology 208 (979) 862-4544 Archaeology
Kelly Graf Associate Department Head Associate Professor Anthropology 203 (979) 845-0137
Anna Linderholm Distinguished Lecture Series Coordinator, Archaeology Program Coordinator Associate Professor Anthropology 311A (979) 845-6692 Archaeology
Heather Thakar Curator of Anthropology Research Collections Assistant Professor Anthropology 309E Archaeology
Alston Thoms Professor Anthropology 312B (979) 862-8541 Archaeology
Michael Waters CSFA Endowed Chair, Director the Center for the Study of the First Americans, Executive Director North Star Archaeological Research Program University Distinguished Professor Anthropology 204 (979) 845-5246 Archaeology