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Michael Alvard Cultural Anthropology Program Coordinator Associate Professor Anthropology 235B (979) 458-2599 Cultural Anthropology
Monya Anderson Lecturer Anthropology 225 (979) 845-5242 Biological Anthropology
Sheela Athreya Associate Professor Anthropology 316E (979) 845-4785 Biological Anthropology
Vaughn Bryant Regents Professor Anthropology 308F (979) 845-5242 Archaeology
Deborah Carlson Sara W. and George O. Yamini Fellow, President of INA Associate Professor Anthropology 117 (979) 845-6690 Nautical Archaeology
Filipe Vieira de Castro Frederic R. Mayer Fellow II of Nautical Archaeology, Director of Ship Reconstruction Laboratory (ShipLAB) Professor Anthropology 105 (979) 845-5141
Kevin Crisman Nautical Archaeology Faculty Fellow, MS in Maritime Archaeology and Conservation Program Coordinator Professor kcrisman@tamu.ed Anthropology 131A (979) 845-6696
Darryl De Ruiter Department Head Professor Anthropology 234 (979) 845-5242 Biological Anthropology
Christopher Dostal Associate Director of Conservation Research Laboratory, Director of Analytical Archaeology Laboratory Assistant Professor Anthropology 107D (979) 402-8351 Nautical Archaeology
Ted Goebel Associate Director for the Center for the Study of the First Americans, Promotion and Tenure Committee Chair Professor Anthropology 208 (979) 862-4544 Archaeology
Kelly Graf Associate Department Head Associate Professor Anthropology 203 (979) 845-0137
Tom Green Professor Anthropology 235C (979) 458-5989
Sharon Gursky Biological Anthropology Program Coordinator Professor Anthropology 316C (979) 458-5990 Biological Anthropology
Donny Hamilton George T. & Gladys H. Abell Professor of Nautical Archaeology, Yamini Family Chair in Nautical Archaeology, Director of Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation, Director of Conservation Research Laboratory Professor Anthropology 103B (979) 845-6355 Nautical Archaeology
Allison Hopkins Assistant Professor Anthropology 309H (979) 862-9179 Cultural Anthropology
Catharina Laporte Director of Undergraduate Studies Instructional Associate Professor Anthropology 227 (979) 845-5242 Cultural Anthropology
Sergio Lemus ACES Diversity Fellow & Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology Anthropology 226 Cultural Anthropology
Anna Linderholm Distinguished Lecture Series Coordinator Associate Professor Anthropology 311A (979) 845-6692 Archaeology
Darrell Lynch Lecturer Anthropology 222 (979) 485-5985 Cultural Anthropology
Cemal Pulak Frederic R. Mayer Faculty Professor of Nautical Archaeology and Nautical Archaeology Program Coordinator Professor Anthropology 128A (979) 845-6697 Nautical Archaeology
Heather Thakar Curator of Anthropology Research Collections Assistant Professor Anthropology 309E Archaeology
Alston Thoms Professor Anthropology 312B (979) 862-8541 Archaeology
Shelley Wachsmann Meadows Professor of Biblical Archaeology Professor Anthropology 121 (979) 847-9257 Nautical Archaeology
Michael Waters CSFA Endowed Chair, Director the Center for the Study of the First Americans, Executive Director North Star Archaeological Research Program University Distinguished Professor Anthropology 204 (979) 845-5246 Archaeology
Cynthia Werner Director of ADVANCE Professor Anthropology 228 (979) 458-4037 Cultural Anthropology
Jeffrey Winking Associate Director of Graduate Studies Associate Professor Anthropology 309J (979) 458-5627 Cultural Anthropology
Lori Wright Director of Graduate Studies Professor Anthropology 316B (979) 458-5991 Biological Anthropology