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Kelly Graf Associate Department Head Associate Professor (979) 845-0137
Lori Wright Director of Graduate Studies Professor (979) 458-5991
Jeffrey Winking Associate Director of Graduate Studies Associate Professor (979) 458-5627
Kevin Crisman Nautical Archaeology Faculty Fellow, MS in Maritime Archaeology and Conservation Program Coordinator Professor kcrisman@tamu.ed (979) 845-6696
Catharina Laporte Director of Undergraduate Studies Instructional Associate Professor (979) 845-5242
Donny Hamilton George T. & Gladys H. Abell Professor of Nautical Archaeology, Yamini Family Chair in Nautical Archaeology, Director of Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation, Director of Conservation Research Laboratory Professor (979) 845-6355
Michael Waters CSFA Endowed Chair, Director the Center for the Study of the First Americans, Executive Director North Star Archaeological Research Program University Distinguished Professor (979) 845-5246
Christopher Dostal Associate Director of Conservation Research Laboratory, Director of Analytical Archaeology Laboratory Assistant Professor (979) 402-8351
Ted Goebel Associate Director for the Center for the Study of the First Americans, Promotion and Tenure Committee Chair Professor (979) 862-4544
Deborah Carlson Sara W. and George O. Yamini Fellow, President of INA Associate Professor (979) 845-6690
Filipe Vieira de Castro Frederic R. Mayer Fellow II of Nautical Archaeology, Director of Ship Reconstruction Laboratory (ShipLAB) Professor (979) 845-5141
Heather Thakar Curator of Anthropology Research Collections Assistant Professor
Anna Linderholm Distinguished Lecture Series Coordinator Associate Professor (979) 845-6692
Michael Alvard Cultural Anthropology Program Coordinator Associate Professor (979) 458-2599
Cemal Pulak Frederic R. Mayer Faculty Professor of Nautical Archaeology and Nautical Archaeology Program Coordinator Professor (979) 845-6697
Sharon Gursky Biological Anthropology Program Coordinator Professor (979) 458-5990