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Michael Alvard Cultural Anthropology Program Coordinator Associate Professor (979) 458-2599
Jeffrey Winking Director of Graduate Studies Professor (979) 458-5627
Kevin Crisman Nautical Archaeology Faculty Fellow, MS in Maritime Archaeology and Conservation Program Coordinator Professor (979) 492-0751
Donny Hamilton George T. & Gladys H. Abell Professor of Nautical Archaeology, Yamini Family Chair in Nautical Archaeology Professor (Retired) (979) 845-6355
Michael Waters CSFA Endowed Chair, Director the Center for the Study of the First Americans, Executive Director North Star Archaeological Research Program University Distinguished Professor (979) 845-5246
Christopher Dostal Director of Conservation Research Laboratory, Director of Analytical Archaeology Laboratory, Director of Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation Assistant Professor
Deborah Carlson Sara W. and George O. Yamini Fellow, President of INA Professor (979) 845-6690
Heather Thakar Curator of Anthropology Research Collections Assistant Professor
Cemal Pulak Frederick R. Mayer Faculty Professor of Nautical Archaeology and Nautical Archaeology Program Coordinator Professor (979) 845-6697
Sharon Gursky Biological Anthropology Program Coordinator Professor
Allison Hopkins Director of Undergraduate Studies and Food, Nutrition, and Culture Bridging Theme Committee Chair Associate Professor (979) 862-9179