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Rebekah Luza Business Administrator

Budgeting and Accounting Coordinator
Contract and Grants Administrator
Travel and Purchasing Coordinator
Hr Liaison and Payroll Support
Navigating Campus Services

Marco Valadez Senior Academic Advisor

Degree Requirements (Degree Plan & Prelims)
OGAPS Paperwork
Committee Formation
Grade Changes
Transfer of Graduate Credit from Other

Clint Harnden Administrative Coordinator I

ANTH Room Reservations
Office Supplies
Proctor Assignments
Mailing/Shipping Assistance
Travel Questions
Navigating Campus Services

Missy Gandarilla Graduate Assistant to Department Head

Website Management

Jessica Dangott
Angie Robayo

Handles front office desk.

Cynthia Werner
Naomi Rodriquez Assistant to the Department Head

Faculty and Student Support
HR and Payroll Administrator
Building Proctor
Navigating Campus Services