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Rebekah Luza Business Administrator (979) 458-8011

Budgeting and Accounting Coordinator
Contract and Grants Administrator
Travel and Purchasing Coordinator
Hr Liaison and Payroll Support
Navigating Campus Services

Marco Valadez Academic Advisor IV (979) 845-9333

Academic Advising for Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate Curriculum (Q drops, Withdrawals, Changes in Curriculum)
Undergraduate Degree Planning
New Student Conferences

Clint Harnden Administrative Coordinator (979) 862-1569

Administrative Support for Faculty, Staff, and Students
Travel Expense Reporting
Office Inventory
Proctor Scheduling
Mailing/Shipping Assistance
Navigating Campus Services
Website Maintenance

Jessica Dangott Administrative Coordinator (979) 458-3764

Administrative Support for Directors of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies
Graduate Advising and Curriculum Support
Course Scheduling
Classroom Coordinator
Navigating Campus Services

Urvi Kaul Student Employee (979) 845-5242

Administrative Office Support

Naomi Rodriquez Assistant to the Department Head (979) 845-6691

Assistant to Department Head
Administrative Support for Faculty, Staff, and Students
HR and Payroll Administrator
Property Management
Building Proctor
Navigating Campus Services