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Allison Hopkins

Dr. Allison Hopkins
Food, Nutrition, and Culture Bridging Theme Committee Chair
Assistant Professor
  • (979) 862-9179
  • Anthropology 309H
Professional Links
PhD, University of Florida, 2009
Cultural Anthropology


Health and wellbeing, ethnobotany, globalization, social networks, knowledge transmission, mixed-methods, Latin America and Latinos in U.S.

Current Research Projects:

I’m a medical and ecological anthropologist and I specialize in research on the connection between globalization and/or social relationships and human health. Specifically, I focus on understanding the knowledge people have about local resources, how that knowledge relates to their behavior, what factors are associated with variation in their knowledge and behavior, and ultimately how that relates to health. I have and continue to research these issues in varying contexts, with different populations, types of knowledge and factors at play. For example, I’m currently collaborating with colleagues on a study designed to capture the composition and changes in the social networks of recently quit smokers in Arizona, how their networks relate to their ability to stay quit, and how information on smoking cessation spreads through their networks. I’m also continuing to investigate how modernization influences the transmission and use of herbal medicine in the home among the Yucatec Maya living in rural Mexico. Lastly, I’m researching the relationship between immigration, diet and social relationships while pregnant on newborn health among Latinas living in the Southwestern United States. The theoretical and methodological approaches I use in my research are varied and depend on the research question and the strengths of the research team.

Courses Taught:

ANTH 210 – Peoples and Cultures of the World
ANTH 426 – Anthropology of Food and Nutrition
ANTH 435 – Medical Anthropology
ANTH 437 – Ethnobotany

Current Graduate Students:

Michelle Yeoman

Selected and Recent Publications:

2016          Hopkins, A.L., Moore-Monroy, M., Wilkinson-Lee, A. M., Nuño, V. L., Armenta, A., Lopez, E., Vanzzini, S. and F.A.R. Garcia. It’s Complicated: Negotiating between traditional research and community-based participatory research in a translational study. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action 10(3):425-433.

2015          Hopkins, A.L., Stepp, J.R. McCarty, C. and J.S. Gordon. Herbal remedy knowledge acquisition and dissemination among the Yucatec Maya in Tabi, Mexico: A cross-sectional study. Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 11:33.

2014          Eaves, E.R., Ritenbaugh, C., Nichter, M., Hopkins, A. and K. Sherman. Modes of Hoping: Understanding hope and expectation in the context of a clinical trial of complementary and alternative medicine for chronic pain. EXPLORE: The Journal of Science & Healing 10(4):225-232.

2013          McCarty, C. Jawitz, J.W., Hopkins, A. and A. Goldman. Predicting author h-index using characteristics of the co-author network. Scientometrics 96(2):467-483.

2013          Hopkins, A., Jawitz, J.W., McCarty, C., Goldman, A. and N. Basu. (2013) Disparities in publication patterns by gender, race and ethnicity based on a survey of a random sample of authors. Scientometrics 96(2):515-534.

2012          Hopkins, A. and J.R. Stepp. Distribution of herbal remedy knowledge in Tabi, Yucatan, Mexico. Economic Botany 66(3):249-254.

2011          Hopkins, A. Use of network centrality measures to explain individual levels of herbal remedy cultural competence among the Yucatec Maya in Tabi, Mexico. Field Methods 23(3):307-328.