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Angela Perri

Assistant Professor
  • Anthropology 235C
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Environmental archaeology, zooarchaeology, parasitology, paleoecology, hunter-gatherers, domestication, adaptation, canids

Courses Taught:

ANTH 202 – Introduction to Archaeology

Selected and Recent Publications:

Perri, Angela R., Kieren J. Mitchell, Alice Mouton, Sandra Alvarez Carretero, James Haile, Alexandra Jamieson, Julie Meachen, Blaine Schubert, Mary Thompson, Audrey Lin, Ardern Hulme-Beaman, Carly Ameen, Pere Bover, Selina Brace, Alberto Carmagnini, Christian Carøe, James C. Chatters, Mario Dos Reis, Philippe Gaubert, Shyam Gopalakrishnan, Graham Gower, Holly Heinger, Kristofer Helgen, Josh Kapp, Anna Linderholm, Andrew Ozga, Samantha Presslee, Alexander Salis, Katherine Skerry, Matthew J. Collins, Mikkel-Holger S. Sinding, M Thomas P Gilbert, Anne Stone, Beth Shapiro, Blaire Van Valkenburgh, Robert Wayne, Greger Larson, Alan Cooper and Laurent Frantz

2021 Dire wolves were the last of an ancient New World canid lineage. Nature 591: 87-91.

Perri, Angela R., Tatiana Feuerborn, Dave Meltzer, Laurent Frantz, Greger Larson, Ripan S. Malhi, and Kelsey Witt

2021 Dog domestication and the dual dispersal of people and dogs into the Americas. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (6).

Camacho, Morgana, Angela R. Perri, and Karl Reinhard 2020 Parasite microremains: preservation, recovery, processing and identification. In Handbook for the Analysis of Microparticles in Archaeology, edited by Amanda Henry. Springer, New York.

Perri, Angela R. 2020 Prehistoric dogs as hunting tools: the advent of animal biotechnology. In Dogs: Archaeology beyond Domestication, edited by Amanda Burtt and Brandi Bethke, University of Florida Press, Gainsville.

Perri, Angela R., Jeremy M. Koster, Erik Otarola-Castillo, Jessica L. Burns and Catherine G. Cooper

2019 Dietary variation among indigenous Nicaraguan horticulturalists and their dogs: an ethnoarchaeological application of the Canine Surrogacy Approach. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 55 (101066).

Perri, Angela R., Chris Widga, Dennis Lawler, Terrance Martin, Luci Kohn, Kenneth Farnsworth, Thomas Loebel, and Brent Buenger

2019 New evidence of the earliest dogs in the Americas. American Antiquity 84 (1): 68-87.          

Perri, Angela R., Robert Power, Ingelise Stuijts, Susann Heinrich, Sahra Talamo, Sheila Hamilton-Dyer, and Charlotte Roberts

2018 Detecting hidden diets and disease: zoonotic parasites and fish consumption in Mesolithic Ireland. Journal of Archaeological Science 97: 137-146.

Ní Leathlobhair, Máire*, Angela R. Perri*, Evan K. Irving-Pease, Kelsey E. Witt, Anna Linderholm, James Haile, Ophelie Lebrasseur, Carly Ameen, Jeffrey Blick, Adam R. Boyko, Selina Brace, Yahaira Nunes Cortes,  Susan  J. Crockford, Evangelos A. Dimopoulos, Morley Eldridge, Shyam Gopalakrishnan, Vaughan Grimes, Eric Guiry, Anders J. Hansen, Ardern Hulme-Beaman, John Johnson, Andrew Kitchen, Young-Mi Kwon, Carlos Peraza  Lope, Aurélie Manin, Terrance Martin, Michael Meyer, Kelsey Noack Myers, Mark Omura, Paul Sciulli, Mikkel-Holger S. Sinding, Andrea Strakova, Christopher Widga, Eske Willerslev, Ian Barnes, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Keith M. Dobney, Ripan S. Malhi, Elizabeth P. Murchison, Greger Larson and Laurent A. F. Frantz

2018 The evolutionary history of dogs in the Americas. Science 361(6397): 81-85.