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Bruce Dickson

Professor Emeritus


He received a BA from Lawrence College in 1964, an MA from Northwestern University in 1967, and a PhD from the University of Arizona in 1973. He has been involved with projects in Kenya, Costa Rica, France, and the Southwest U.S. He has published five books: Ancient Preludes:World Prehistory form the Perspectives of Archaeology, Geology and Paleoecology (2004); The Dawn of Belief: Religion in the Upper Paleolithic of Southwestern Europe (1990); The Transfer and Transformation of Ideas and Material Culture (1988); Prehistoric Pueblo Settlement Patterns: The Arroyo Hondo Pueblo, New Mexico Site Survey (1980); and The 1972-1973 Archaeological Site Reconnaissance in the Columbia Reservoir, Maury and Marshall Counties, Tennessee (1976). He has also published 20 peer-reviewed journal articles and 7 refereed book chapters. He is the recipient of two Distinguished Teaching Awards (1983 and 1998). His university contributions include: Member of the Faculty Senate (1983-1988), and Member of Texas A&M University Press Faculty Advisory Committee. He has served as the Director of the Human Relations Area Files since 1988, and as Editor of the Newsletter of the Council of Texas Archaeologists.