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Daniel Bishop

Areas of Speciality
  • Ph.D. Nautical Archaeology
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Dan completed his BA in Classics at the University of Vermont in 2012. Before earning his MA in History at University of Alabama in 2017, Dan worked for the Cultural Resource Management (CRM) firm, Panamerican Consultants, Inc. in Tuscaloosa, AL. There, he participated on projects ranging from Phase I surveying across the southeastern United States, to Phase II/III excavations of a rock shelter site in north-central Alabama, and dredge monitoring off the Florida coast.

Dan is a PhD student in the Nautical Archaeology Program, whose research focuses on vessel construction during the eighteenth century in northeast North America. His dissertation examines how the oldest sailing vessels on Lakes Champlain and George (from the Seven Years’ War/French and Indian War, 1754-1763) were built. He is particularly interested in how vessels were designed and built for environments like Lake Champlain and how the construction techniques of various nationalities differed in this period and region.

Dan has over three years’ experience working at TAMU’s Conservation Research Laboratory (CRL) as a technician and as a teaching assistant for the courses that train other graduate students in the methods of artifact conservation. He also specializes in archaeological photogrammetry. Some of his most recent research focuses on his novel methodology that applies photogrammetric techniques to historical photographs. This research allows archaeologists to recover geometry from sites and structures that only exist in the photographic record.

Dan has worked on various underwater archaeological projects on Lake Champlain over the past six years, and has recently directed his own archaeological projects that examined the King’s Shipyard, near Ticonderoga, NY. One of these projects was a winter geophysical survey where the team used a magnetometer and ground-penetrating-radar to survey the lakebed through the ice. The other was an in-water survey where the archaeological team documented a potential French sloop that was used during the Seven Years’ War on Lake Champlain.