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David Carlson

  • (979) 458-2598
  • Anthropology 226
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Ph.D. – Northwestern University, 1979


Archaeology, quantitative methods, intra-site spatial analysis

Current Research Projects:

I am currently working on a book on quantitative methods for archaeologists using the R statistical language. I am also comparing artifact and site densities for historic sites at Fort Hood to the known population of rural Bell and Coryell counties from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries to show how accurately we can estimate population from archaeological data. I am also working with Mike Waters using radiocarbon dates to estimate the origin and spread of Paleoindian populations. Finally, I am also working with survey and site testing data from Fort Hood to study the Terminal Archaic to Late Prehistoric Transition. The period is marked by probable shifts in the distribution of bison herds and by the introduction of bow and arrow technology.

Courses Taught:

ANTH 201- Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 202- Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 302- Archaeology of Native Americans
ANTH 360- Ancient Civilizations
ANTH 602- Archeological Methods and Theory
ANTH 642- Research Methods in Anthropology

Current Graduate Students:

Ralf Singh-Bischofberger, Elanor Sonderman

Selected and Recent Publications:

2016        Halligan, Jessi, Michael R. Waters, Thomas Stafford, Barbara Winsborough, Daniel Fisher, Angelina Perrotti, Ivy Jane Owens, Joshua Feinberg, Mark Bourne, Brendan Fenerty, David L. Carlson, James Dunbar. Pre-Clovis Occupation 14,550 years ago at the Page-Ladson Site, Florida and the Peopling of the Americas. Science Advances. Vol. 2, no. 5, e1600375.

2015        Alvard, Michael, David L. Carlson, Ethan McGaffey. Using a partial sum method and GPS tracking data to identify area restricted search by artisanal fishers at moored fish aggregating devices in the Commonwealth of Dominica. PLOS ONE 10(2): e0115552. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0115552.

2015        Alvard, Michael, Ethan McGaffey, and David L. Carlson. A Method for Measuring Fishing Effort by Small-Scale FAD (Fish Aggregating Devices) Fishers from the Commonwealth of Dominica. Field Methods 27: 300-315.

2014        Selden, Robert Z, Jr, Timothy K Perttula, and David L Carlson. INAA and the Provenance of Shell-Tempered Sherds in the Ancestral Caddo Region. Journal of Archaeological Science 47:113-120.

2011        Waters, Michael R., Charlotte Pevny, and David L. Carlson. Clovis Lithic Technology at the Gault Site, TX. Texas A&M University Press.