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Filipe Vieira de Castro

Dr. Filipe Viera de Castro
Frederic R. Mayer Fellow II of Nautical Archaeology, Director of Ship Reconstruction Laboratory (ShipLAB)
  • (979) 845-5141
  • Anthropology 105
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PhD, Texas A&M University, 2001
Nautical Archaeology


Post Medieval Seafaring

Current Research Projects:

I am currently working with Archaeologist Massimo Capulli of Università degli Studi di Udine and the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici del Fruili Venezia Giulia on the Anaxum Project, which consists on the study of the history of River Stella, in Northern Italy, through time. I am also working on the development of a dendrochronology database for the Iberian Peninsula (P.I. Dr. Ana Crespo Solana), and on 3D visualization of ship structures (P.I. Dr. Pierre Drap).

Courses Taught:

ANTH 205 – Peoples and Cultures of the World
ANTH 318 – The Nautical Archaeology of the Americas
ANTH 412 – Romans, Arabs, and Vikings
ANTH 614 – Books and Treatises on Shipbuilding
ANTH 616 – Research and Reconstruction of Wooden Ships
ANTH 618 – Medieval Seafaring in the Mediterranean

Current Graduate Students:

Kotaro Yamafune, Chris Cartellone, Randall Sasaki, Rodrigo Torres, Nick Budsberg, Sam Cuellar, Samila Ferreira (co-chair)

Selected and Recent Publications:

2016          Yamafune, K., Torres, R., Castro, F., “Multi-Image Photogrammetry to Record and Reconstruct Underwater Shipwreck Sites” for Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory. DOI: 10.1007/s10816-016-9283-1.

2016          Budsberg, N., Jobling, J., and Castro, F., “Rio Grande do Norte Astrolabe” International Journal of Historical Archaeology. 20.2 :405-421.

2016          Castro, F., and Capulli, M., “The Stella 1 Roman Laced Barge.” International Journal of Nautical Archaeology. 45.1: 27-39.

2015          Drap, P., Merad, D., Hijazi, B., Gaoua, L., Nawaf, M., Saccone, M., Chemisky, B., Seinturier, J., Sourisseau, Gambin, T., and Castro, F., “Underwater photogrammetry and object modeling: a case study of Xlendi wreck in Malta,” Sensors. 15:12: 30351-30384.

2015          Castro, F., Budsberg, N., Jobling, J., and Passen, A., “The Astrolabe Project.” Journal of Maritime Archaeology, 10.3: 205-234.

2015         Castro, F., and Gomes-Dias, D., “Moulds, Graminhos and Ribbands: a pilot study of the construction of saveiros in Valença and the Baía de Todos os Santos area, Brazil.” International Journal of Nautical Archaeology. 44.2: 410-422.