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Jeffrey Winking

Jeff Winking
Associate Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor
  • (979) 458-5627
  • Anthropology 309J
Professional Links
PhD, University of New Mexico, 2005
Cultural Anthropology


Human evolutionary ecology, Marriage, Parenting, Life history, Prosociality

Current Research Projects:

I explore the dynamics of family, marriage and parental care within an evolutionary framework, with an emphasis on illuminating the evolutionary roots of men’s marital and parental involvement. To this end, I have conducted ethnographic research with the Tsimane of lowland Bolivia and the Mayangna/Miskito of eastern Nicaragua. I am also interested in the evolutionary underpinnings of human prosocial tendencies (cooperation, altruism, etc.), and ways in which we can explore this topic that go beyond traditional laboratory methods and employ natural observation

Courses Taught:

ANTH 205 – Peoples and Cultures of the World
ANTH 210 – Social and Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 434 – Human Evolutionary Ecology: Reproduction and Parenting
ANTH 630 – Human Evolutionary Ecology
ANTH 689 – Quantitative Ethnographic Methods

Current Graduate Students:

Anne Locker-Thaddeus

Selected and Recent Publications:

2015            Winking, J., J. Koster. The fitness effects of men’s family investments: a test of three pathways in a single population. Human Nature. 26(3). 292-312.

2015            Hooper, P, M. Gurven, J. Winking, H. Kaplan. Inclusive fitness and differential productivity across the life course determine intergenerational transfers in a small-scale human society. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.282: 20142808.

2014            Winking, J. Anonymity versus privacy in the Dictator Game: revealing donor decisions to recipients does not substantially impact donor behavior. PLOS ONE. 9(12): e115419. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0115419

2013             Winking, J., N. Mizer. Natural-field Dictator Game shows no altruistic giving. Evolution and Human Behavior. 34(4): 288-293.

2013             Winking, J., J. Stieglitz, J. Kurten, H. Kaplan, M. Gurven. Polygyny among the Tsimane: An improved method for testing the Polygyny-Fertility Hypothesis. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 280(1756): 20123078.

2011             Winking, J., M. Gurven. The total cost of father desertion. American Journal of Human Biology. 23(6): 755-763.

2011             Winking. J., M. Gurven, H. Kaplan. The Impacts of parents and self selection on child survival among the Tsimane of Bolivia. Current Anthropology. 52(2): 277-284.

2011            Winking, J., M. Gurven, H. Kaplan. Father death and adult success among the Tsimane: Implications for marriage and divorce. Evolution and Human Behavior. 32(2): 79-89.