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Kelly Graf

Kelly Graf
Associate Professor
  • (979) 845-0137
  • Anthropology 203
Professional Links
PhD, University of Nevada, Reno, 2008


Peopling of the Americas, Paleolithic archaeology of Siberia, Beringia, and Western North America, lithic technology, geoarchaeology

Current Research Projects:

Currently, I am directing and co-directing several field-based and lab-based projects in Siberia, Alaska, and the Great Basin, all focusing on initial human dispersals in these regions. In Siberia, I have analyzed several Upper Paleolithic artifact collections from pre-LGM and post-LGM contexts to explain Ice-Age hunter-gatherer land-use and am currently working with colleagues in Denmark and Russia to sample known Siberian Upper Paleolithic human remains for ancient DNA analyses, thereby supplementing our knowledge of human adaptations in Siberia before and after the LGM and searching for the Siberian origins of the first Americans. In Alaska, I have been directing excavations at the Nenana-Denali complex sites of Owl Ridge and Dry Creek in central Alaska. I have also been working with colleagues to search for other early Beringian sites in western Alaska and the upper Tanana river valley in eastern Alaska. From 2000-2009 I co-directed (with Ted Goebel and Bryan Hockett) excavations at Bonneville Estates Rockshelter, located in eastern Nevada. Currently, our team is focused on post-fieldwork analyses of the varied archaeological and paleoecological remains from the site. During summer 2012 I will be initiating a new project searching for first American sites in south-central and eastern Idaho.

Courses Taught:

ANTH 302 – North American Archaeology
ANTH 330 – Field Research in Anthropology (Archaeological Field School)
ANTH 461 – Environmental Archaeology
ANTH 689 – The Paleolithic World

Current Graduate Students:

Angela Gore, Neil Puckett, Nathan Shelley, John White (co-chair)

Selected and Recent Publications:

2015          Graf, K. E. *L. M. DiPietro, K. Krasinski, *A. K. Gore, *H. L. Smith, B. J. Culleton, D. J. Kennett, D. Rhode. Dry Creek Revisited: New Excavations, Radiocarbon Dates, and Site Formation Inform on the Peopling of the Eastern Beringia. American Antiquity 80(4):671-694. ISI Web of Knowledge Impact Factor: 1.329.

2014          Raghavan, M., P. Skoglund, K. E. Graf, M. Metspalu, A. Albrechtsen, I. Moltke, S Rasmussen, T. W. Stafford, L. Orlando, E. Metspalu, M. Karmin, K. Tambets, S. Rootsi, R. Magi, P. F. Campos, E. Balanovska, O. Balanovsky, E. Khusnutdinova, S. Litvinov, L. P. Osipova, S. A. Fedorova, M. I. Voevoda, M. DeGiorgio, T. Sicheritz-Ponten, S. Brunak, S. Demishchenko, T. Kivisild, R. Villems, R. Nielsen, M. Jakobsson, E. Willerslev. Upper Palaeolithic Siberian Geonome Reveals Dual Origins for Native Americans. Nature 505(7481):87-91. ISI Web of Knowledge Impact Factor: 41.456.

2013          Graf, K. E., *C. V. Ketron, M. R. Waters, editors. Paleoamerican Odyssey. Center for the Study of the First Americans Publication Series, Texas A&M University, College Station. Original version. Paleoamerican Odyssey. Texas A&M University Press, College Station.

2013          Goebel, T., *H. L. Smith, *L. DiPietro, M. R. Waters, B. Hockett, K. E. Graf, R. Gal, S. B. Slobodin, R. J. Speakman, S. G. Driese, D. Rhode. Serpentine Hot Springs, Alaska: results of excavations and implications for the age and significance of northern fluted points. Journal of Archaeological Science 40:4222-4233. ISI Web of Knowledge Impact Factor: 2.255.

2011          Lorenzen, E. D., D. Nogués-Bravo, Orlando, L., Weinstock, J., Binladen, J. K. A. Marske, A. Ugan, M. K. Borregaard, M. T. P. Gilbert, R. Nielsen, S. Y. W. Ho, T. Goebel, K. E. Graf, D. Byers, J. T. Stenderup, M. Rassmussen, P. F. Campos, J. A. Leonard, K-P. Koepfli, D. Froese, G. Zazula, T. W. Stafford, K. Aaris-Sørensen, P. Batra, A. M. Haywood, J. S. Singarayer, P. J. Valdes, G. Boeskorov, J. A. Burns, S. P. Davydov, J. Haile, D. L. Jenkins, P. Kosintsev, T. Kuznetsova, X. Lai, L. D. Martin, H. G. McDonald, D. Mol, M. Meldgaard, K. Munch, E. Stephan, M. Sablin, R. S. Sommer, R. Sipko, E. Scott, M. A. Suchard, A. Tikhonov, R. Willerslev, R. K. Waynes, A. Cooper, M. Hofreiter, A. Sher, B. Shapiro, C. Rahbek, E. Willerslev. Species-specific Responses of Late Quaternary Megafauna to Climate and Humans. Nature479:359-365.

2011          Graf, K. E. Hunter-Gatherer Dispersals in the Mammoth-Steppe: Technological Provisioning and Land-Use in the Enisei River Valley, South-Central Siberia. Journal of Archaeological Science37(1):210-233.