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Marion Coe

Marion Coe
Areas of Speciality
  • Ph.D. Archaeology
Ted Goebel
First Year In the Program


Marion Coe completed her MA in anthropology at Texas A&M University in 2012. She is a PhD student in the Center for the Study of the First Americans, and is studying prehistoric perishable technology in the Great Basin and Snake River Plain. Marion investigates the types of plant materials used in the production of perishable artifacts by utilizing light and scanning electron microscopy, with the intent of explaining human subsistence and mobility in the Great Basin in the Paleoindian through Archaic periods. Her fieldwork includes excavations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Alaska, and Idaho, and the subject of her thesis was a site in eastern Nevada. Marion’s most recent work includes an excavation on the Big Lost River, Idaho and a materials analysis of a perishables collection from a lava tube site in Idaho.