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Nick Budsberg

Areas of Speciality
  • Ph.D. Nautical Archaeology
First Year In the Program


Nicholas Budsberg received his Bachelors in Anthropology from Western Washington University in 2010, while gaining field experience in Menorca, Spain and the Pacific Northwest. He spent his senior year working in the WWU archaeology lab learning artifact recording, conservation, and archival management. Throughout his undergraduate and graduate career, he has been involved in organizing campus educational and social events, as well as frequently volunteering within the community. Nicholas is the recipient of one of three departmental graduate student scholarships, and is actively engaged in a variety of departmental projects. Currently his research focuses on medieval and early modern seafaring, navigation, and ship construction. He is collaborating with other Iberian maritime scholars to better understand the development of these vessels, and how they affected the Iberian expansion and colonization of Africa, Asia, and the New World.