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Paloma Cuello del Pozo

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Areas of Speciality
  • Ph.D. Archaeology
  • Anthropology 313D
Lori Wright
First Year In the Program


My interest is on the use of analytical methods in archaeology with a special focus in stable isotope analyses. Another field I am studying is ancient genomics, specifically to answer questions of peopling of the Canary Islands. Additionally, for my dissertation, I am exploring questions on landscape use, economic activities and mobility of ancient Canary aboriginals. I am actively developing a baseline of bioavailable strontium isotopes in the archipelago in order to compare data with archaeological human remains that I have obtained from Tenerife and Gran Canaria islands.

Other branches and geographical areas of archaeology I am interested in include mortuary archaeology, osteology, archaeopalynology, and Andean archaeology.


Research Projects

Development of a bioavailable strontium baseline of the Canary Islands

El Campanario Archaeological Project: Huarmey -Peru. (

Stable isotope signals from two individuals buried at Pozo Izquierdo necropolis, Gran Canaria -Spain.

The Maritime Archaeology of the Canary Islands. In collaboration with Vicente Benítez Cabrera, Alexandre Monteiro, and Filipe Castro. Website link:



Cuello-del-Pozo, Paloma (2019). Preliminary analysis of bioavailable stable isotopes of strontium (87Sr/86Sr) in Lanzarote Island: Proposal for the creation of a baseline for its application in Canarian archaeology. Anuario de Estudios Atlánticos, 65, 1-17.