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Sergio Lemus

ACES Diversity Fellow & Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  • Anthropology 226
Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Cultural Anthropology


Sergio Lemus is a cultural anthropologist whose research interests include theories of race, materiality, the body, Mexican migration, Border Theory, Latinx cancer, biopolitics, and class relations.

Current Research Projects:

In my research agenda, I document the centrality of labor processes in driving cultural transformations among Mexican migrants as well as the politico-historical transformation that give rise to a new working-class formation—los yarderos. This research is slated to be published as a book at the University of Illinois Press under the series Latinos in Chicago and the Midwest under the title, “Los Yarderos: Mexican Yard Workers in Neoliberal Chicago.” My second research project examines the lives of Mexican, working class immigrants and their cultural experience living with cancer. This research acutely points to the neoliberal, necropolitical, and cultural forms that give rise to the Latino/a cancer patient as a manageable population in the United States. My third project in its developing phase looks at the refusals of Mexican populations in the United States to engage with blackness as a lived reality and cultural form. Following an ethnographic analysis of folk ballads (or corridos), banter and play (chistes), and folk stories; this work will situate the always presence of blackness as hidden form of Mexican identification.