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Sharon Gursky

Sharon Gursky
Biological Anthropology Program Coordinator
  • (979) 458-5990
  • Anthropology 316C
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PhD, SUNY Stony Brook, 1997
Biological Anthropology


Primate Behavioral Ecology and Conservation

Current Research Projects:

I am presently studying ultrasonic vocalizations in Philippine tarsiers, Tarsius syrichta. From June through October 2010 I collected vocalizations at the Philippine Tarsier Foundation Sanctuary in Corella, Bohol. I made recordings on a Wildlife Acoustics Ultrasonic Song Meter 2 from 29 wild adult resident Tarsius syrichta (23 females and 6 males). I found that the ultrasonic vocalizations fell into three main categories: chirps, twitters, and whistles. Chirps were the most frequent ultrasonic vocalization, followed by twitters and then whistles. While chirps and twitters were emitted by both male and female Philippine tarsiers, whistles were only emitted by adult males. Given that the vocalizations reported in this study were exclusively recorded during capture and handling, it is likely that these particular ultrasonic vocalizations function as a form of alarm call. However, as the long whistle was only given by adult males who were captured at the same time as the female or the group’s infant the function of the long whistle might be different than the function of the other relatively lower frequency ultrasonic vocalizations. My future research will focus on elucidating the function of the ultrasonic vocalization for this species.

Courses Taught:

ANTH 201 – Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 205 – Peoples and Cultures of the World
ANTH 225 – Introduction to Biological Anthropology
ANTH 405 – Introduction to Primates
ANTH 489 – Primate Conservation
ANTH 601 – Biological Anthropology
ANTH 631 – Primate Behavioral Ecology: The Great Apes

Current Graduate Students:

Angela Achorn

Selected and Recent Publications:

2017         Kappeler P, Fitchel C, Gursky S, Irwin M, Ichino S, Nekaris A, Radespiel U, Richard A, Wright P. (accepted) Long Term Field Studies of Lemurs, Lorises and Tarsiers. Submitted to Journal of Mammalogy. 28.

2015        Gursky, S. Acoustic Characterization of Ultrasonic Vocalizations by Spectral Tarsiers. Folia Primatologica 86(3):153-163 27.

2013        Gursky-Doyen, S. Acoustic characterization of ultrasonic vocalizations in the Philippine tarsier, Tarsius syrichta. Primates 54: 293-299. 26.

2013         Grow NB, Dumas J, and Gursky-Doyen S. Altitude and Forest Edges Influence the Density and Distribution of Pygmy Tarsiers (Tarsius pumilus)”. American Journal of Primatology 75:464-477. 25.

2013         Grow, N, Gursky-Doyen, S, and Krzton, A. High Altitude Primates. Springer Publishing. Developments in Primatology Series.

2012         Ramsier MA, Cunningham AJ, Moritz GL, Finneran JJ, Williams CV, Ong PS, Gursky-Doyen SL and Dominy NJ. Primate Communication in the pure ultrasound. Biology Letters 8:508-511.

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2011         Gursky-Doyen S. Infanticide By a Male Spectral tarsier. (Tarsius spectrum). Primates 52: 385-389.