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Traci Lynn Andrews

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Areas of Speciality
  • Ph.D. Nautical Archaeology
Shelley Wachsmann
First Year In the Program


Traci studies Ancient Egyptian ship construction and nautical iconography. Her current research focuses on nautical hieroglyphs and their evolution alongside technological developments in ships. In addition to her nautical archaeology coursework, Traci is working towards graduate certifications in Advanced International Affairs through the Bush School and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In 2017, she received her BA in both archaeology and history from Texas A&M University, and in 2020 she graduated with her MA in Egyptian archaeology from the University of Chicago. For her master’s thesis, she utilized GIS applications in Egypt’s Eastern Desert and researched how boats played an early role in developing long standing ideologies. Her field work includes excavations at the Roman site of Stobi, Macedonia and at Tell Keisan in Israel, where she served as the GIS assistant to the project. In 2022, Traci worked at INA’s Bodrum Research Center to document and study the Uluburun shipwreck ingots. She has also been employed as a conservator for the past seven years. Traci speaks Arabic and Spanish and can read Middle and Late Egyptian hieroglyphic and hieratic texts.