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Faculty Research and Travel Awards (2016-2017)

All faculty members in the Department of Anthropology are eligible to apply for a Faculty Research and Travel Award. Awards are intended for research expenses, research-related travel, or travel to conferences (including seminars, symposia, etc).

Faculty Research and Travel Awards have been allocated for 2013-14.  The next deadline will be inOctober 2014.

Domestic Travel

Faculty must complete a Travel & Leave form for all business travel within the United States & Canada

Foreign Travel

As per SAP 21.01.03.M0.02,  all travel by university employees and students on university business must be approved in advance.  Submit a travel request in Concur (through SSO). Concur may prompt the traveler to complete additional required forms depending on the destination. Links to those forms will appear in Concur once the destination is selected.

Forms must be completed using the fillable pdf function, and not handwritten. If this paperwork is not completed prior to departure, individuals will not be reimbursed by Texas A&M University for expenses. Please contact the Liberal Arts business office if you have questions.

CISI Education Abroad Coverage

Texas A&M has contracted with CISI, a 24-hour travel and security assistance service for faculty, staff and students who travel to international destinations on official university business or an A&M sponsored trip. CISI manages a wide range of requests ranging from lost passports, physician referrals, and complex medical and security evacuations. For more information on additional coverage available to faculty and student travelers, please contact the Study Abroad Office at (979) 845-0544.

International Travel – Receipt log



Internal Funding Opportunities


College of Liberal Arts International Travel Support Program (up to $1500)

College of Liberal Arts Seed Grant Program (up to $15,000)

Glasscock Center for Humanities Research (multiple grants)


Research Compliance

IRB approval is required for all research projects involving human subjects. For more information, please consult the Texas A&M Office for Research Compliance and Biosafety website.



Information for New Courses

Departmental Request for a 489/689 course

Approval Form for a New Course

Minimum Syllabus Requirements

Graduate Student Advising


The Office of Graduate and Professional Studies website contains a comprehensive list of forms relevant to graduate studies, including:

These are the most commonly used forms for MA and PhD students:

  • Degree Plan
    • Used for both MA and PhD students
    • Must be filed at least 90 days before the Preliminary Exam is taken
  • Preliminary Exam Checklist and Report of the Preliminary Exam
    • Both forms must be turned in within 10 days of the scheduled exam
    • Exam must be completed at least 14 weeks prior to the Final Exam (i.e. defense date)
  • Proposal Approval Page
    • Used for both theses and dissertations
    • Must be submitted no later than 15 working days prior to submission of the Request and Announcement of Final Examination
  • Request and Announcement of Final Exam
    • Used for both MA theses & PhD dissertations
    • Must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the exam
  • Request for Exemption from the Final Exam
    • Must be submitted at least 10 days prior to deadline to complete the exam
    • Often used by MA students if committee decides a committee defense is not necessary

Departmental Forms

In addition to the OGS form, the Department of Anthropology uses the forms below as part of the assessment process. Please ensure that both forms are completed when any of your graduate students complete their MA or PhD degrees.

Analytical and Critical Thinking Assessment

Anthropology Exit Questionnaire



Annual Review

Department of Anthropology Annual Review Form

DOF Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

Department of Anthropology Guidelines

College of Liberal Arts Guidelines

University Statement on Academic Freedom, Responsibility, Tenure and Promotion

Appendix I – Examples of Criteria that May be Used in Evaluation of Faculty

Faculty Development Leave

Texas A&M University Faculty Development Leave Policy

College of Liberal Arts Professional Development Leave Policy