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Overview – Prospective Students

students in the field in IdahoWhy major in Anthropology at Texas A&M University?

As an Anthropology major at Texas A&M University, you have an opportunity to take dozens of interesting classes on topics covered in the discipline of anthropology and its subfields (nautical archaeology, archaeology, biological anthropology, and cultural anthropology), to participate in archaeological field schools run by our faculty and graduate students, and to become active members in anthropology clubs and organizations, both on-campus and in the wider anthropology community.

Keep reading to learn more about the Department of Anthropology at TAMU, and why majoring in Anthropology could be right for you!

Majoring (or Minoring) in Anthropology

Our department offers a BS in AnthropologyBA in Anthropology and a BA in Anthropology with an Archaeology track, as well as undergraduate minors in Museum Studies and Anthropology.

Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology at Texas A&M is a truly unique experience, part of which is due to the wide range of courses you can choose from as an Anthropology major. You can begin with introductory courses in anthropology and archaeology, social and cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, and even anthropological theory and writing. You also have the opportunity to combine these classes with electives and special topics courses! We offer special courses on topics like, Cultural Resource Management (CRM), Ancient States, Environmental Archaeology, Studies in African Diaspora, Museum History, and more! Who knows what exciting topics will be available once you are part of the department!

To learn more about specific degree requirements and University requirements that are necessary to complete a BA in Anthropology at Texas A&M, take a look at Degrees. And, if you are curious about classes that are currently being taught in the department, peek at our Course List.

Anthropology Majors/Prospective Students

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

A number of our undergraduate majors have participated in research or field schools during their time in the Department of Anthropology. These experiences include archaeological fieldwork, ethnographic fieldwork, laboratory opportunities, museum internships, independent research projects, and other related opportunities.

Some of our recent graduates and current Anthropology majors have shared the types of research and names of fieldwork opportunities that they have engaged in while at Texas A&M.
Click HERE to check out these opportunities!

Opportunities for Undergraduate Funding and Awards

Likewise, we provide a list of funding and award opportunities for undergraduate majors which include both internal and external opportunities. See Undergraduate Research for examples of these opportunities and for access to various applications and eligibility requirements for internal funding and awards.

Undergraduate Clubs and Resources

As a resource and support network made up of and for undergraduate students, and sometimes also graduate students and various faculty, the Department of Anthropology houses clubs and organizations available for participation. Becoming an active member in one or some of these clubs allows undergraduate students to enhance their learning and understanding of the field of anthropology and its subfields outside of the classroom.
Furthermore, many undergraduate students are interested in what comes after degree completion and what their career or higher education options are in the time following graduation. To aid in searching for these opportunities, the department has compiled a short list of links for undergraduate students to visit and learn more about their options after graduation.


For questions about majoring in Anthropology, minoring in Anthropology, general advising needs, or setting up an advising appointment, please contact our Academic Advisor for undergraduate programs in Anthropology. Please note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, all academic advising will be conducted remotely until the provost approves bringing advising back to campus.

Current students should set up an appointment by going to Prospective or former students should email to set up a time.

Limited drop-in appointments for quick questions are held on Tuesdays from 10:00am-12:00pm and can be accessed by going to Dropping in for these may involve a wait, as in-person drop-ins had, so please be prepared for that. For most other conversations, email or individual appointments would be best.

Brianna Edwards
Academic Advisor IV