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Anthropology club visits exhibit of Tutanhkamun

The following clubs are affiliated with the Department of Anthropology:

Texas A&M Anthropological Society The Anthropological Society is an Academic organization at Texas A&M focused on providing information and opportunities for those majoring, minoring, or just interested in the four subfields of Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology, Physical (or Biological) Anthropology, Archaeology, and Linguistics. The society promotes these subfields through guest speakers and museum trips. The society also provides a networking opportunity for students looking for field work opportunities and students interested in applying to graduate school. The Anthropological Society is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Members are welcome to join us at any time during the year. Members meet every other Tuesday at 8:30 pm in Anthropology 130. The website includes a schedule of trips and events.

Dive examines object underwater

Texas A&M Archaeological Diving Club The Texas A&M Archaeological Diving Club exists to train Texas A&M University students in the practical aspects of underwater archaeology in a safe and enjoyable environment. The club hosts an activity once a month and tries to get in the water as often as possible. The club has four objectives: (1) to promote safe SCUBA diving practices through training and education; (2) to provide opportunities for members to practice underwater archaeological and general SCUBA diving skills; (3) to provide a forum for continued education in diving and related fields and the exchange of ideas between archaeological divers through regular meetings; and (4) to promote archaeological diving to the public through outreach programs.

Texas A&M Nautical Archaeology Student Association (NASA) The Nautical Archaeology Student Association (NASA) serves as an open forum for the discussion and advancement of the student experience and career preparation in the Nautical Archaeology Program. NASA emphasizes the importance of cultivating professional skills relevant to careers in nautical archaeology including: academic writing, CV construction, and grant writing. NASA draws on the experience and resourcefulness of its members to improve the skills and opportunities for all students in the Nautical Archaeology Program. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month in Anthropology 130, from 1:45-2:30.

Three men standing near an open fire