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Freshman Innovation Group Blog: Why Aggieland feels like home

Follow along with this new FIG blog this semester to learn what life looks like for our amazing first generation College of Liberal Arts students!

The College of Liberal Arts welcomes and celebrates first-generation students—the pioneers who are the first in their family to earn an undergraduate degree at a university.  Almost 30% of all liberal arts majors are first generation. The Freshman Innovation Group (FIG) is a college-specific program that provides incoming, first-generation freshmen a learning community involving a small network of faculty, advisors, and administrators in partnership with students.

This new FIG blog gives an inside glimpse of what the college experience is actually like for first generation students. Follow along this semester to learn what life looks like for our amazing first generation College of Liberal Arts students!


Daniela Guzman

Organizations help you feel right at home 

Since I started college, I have been busy with work and classes, so joining an organization seemed nearly impossible. There are hundreds of organizations to choose from on campus, categorized by your major, culture, philanthropy, hobbies, and many more!

There is one organization that I’ve been meaning to join called MSA (Mexican Student Association). This organization promotes the Mexican culture and values around campus, and they help Mexicans feel right at home if they feel isolated. Although I didn’t have the time to join the organization my freshman year, my friends did — and they would invite me to the events and socials they would have! The organization made me feel included even though I wasn’t a part of it, and I grew to be close with most of the members. This organization introduced me to new people and new traditions that I didn’t even know my culture had.

The organizations on campus are all welcoming, and they all just want to help you feel comfortable around campus. I highly recommend joining an organization, but if you don’t find the time for it, it’s okay! Just make friends and socialize, and keep up with events that you have time for.


Olivia Peralez 

Texas A&M Aggie football games 

Texas A&M is a special place, and that’s never more evident than on a Saturday afternoon in the fall during a legendary Aggieland football game. There are numerous traditions that go along with Aggie football. Generations of Aggies have gathered to watch the Corps of Cadets march in and participate in Yell Practices. This is a look at some of the game-day experiences that every Aggie fan should try to take part in.

You can’t have a game with a tailgate! There are tailgates in the lots surrounding Kyle Field and the many parking lots on the west side of Wellborn Road.  Your typical Aggie tailgate will include a couple of tent awnings covering a flat screen TV with college football on, and a grill set up with plenty of food and drink nearby. I highly encourage you to get out there and enjoy the atmosphere — You will leave very well fed and make lots of new friends. 

You can also see the Aggie Band perform at halftime.The Aggie Band is one of the best in the country when it comes to the military marching style. The “Noble Men and Women of Kyle” have performed all over the world, in numerous presidential inaugurations and parades, and are known for their precise marching performances. Most spectators use the halftime break to go to the bathroom or get some refreshments. At Kyle Field, no one leaves their seats until after the Aggie Band performs. The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band puts on a different kind of show, and it is a must see for fans of all ages.

It’s great to participate in post-game Yell Practice. After football victories, the freshmen in the Corps run onto the field and tackle A&M’s Yell Leaders. The freshmen carry the Yell Leaders across campus to Fish Pond where they throw them into the fountain, and the Yell Leaders then hold a post-game yell practice to celebrate the victory and prepare the fans for the game next week. It is a great way to celebrate a win with other Aggies and one of the more unique traditions in college football.


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