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CLASS-y Liberal Arts staff

The College of Liberal Arts Superior Service (CLASS) Awards Program was presented to Lauren McAuliffe, Mandy Stark, and Marisa Winking on December 6. CLASS awards recognize staff who provide outstanding service to the college.

By Hannah LeGare ’19

Every year, the College of Liberal Arts Superior Service (CLASS) Awards Program recognizes individuals who provide outstanding service to the college and demonstrate leadership, ingenuity, job excellence, and support for diversity. The College honored Lauren McAuliffe, Mandy Stark, and Marisa Winking on December 6, 2019 at the college’s Staff Appreciation Luncheon.

Each honoree received a $750 cash award and an engraved plaque presented by Dean Pamela Matthews.

Lauren McAuliffe

Lauren McAuliffe, an Executive Assistant who has worked for Texas A&M for two years, is humble when asked about the CLASS award.

“Receiving the CLASS award means a great deal to me,” McAuliffe said. “I feel such overwhelming support and gratitude from everyone in my department and being recognized in this way makes me feel a deep appreciation for all of the people who are so supportive.” 

McAuliffe started working in the philosophy department and was promoted to her current position earlier this year. She is responsible for assisting the head of the department with coordination and preparation of mid-term reviews and faculty promotion and tenure files, as well as faculty hiring. Also, she supports the graduate department by processing graduate applications and assisting students with registration. What she loves most about her job are the people she gets to work with every day. 

“I have met some of the most amazing and supportive people here and being able to offer support for them is a great privilege to me,” she said.

With her background in English, the College of Liberal Arts feels like home. 

“I love being in a small department where I can get to know everyone and learn about what they’re working on.,” she said. “I’ve had so many fascinating discussions with people in the department about their research and courses and projects.”

Mandy Stark

Mandy Stark has been with the College of Liberal Arts since 2013, and became the Executive Assistant to the Dean almost 4 years ago. When asked which duties that position entails, she said, “serving and assisting others in the college.” 

“I love the people I work with each day and assisting others,” she said. “I love that each day is different than the day before.”

According to Stark, the CLASS award is a symbol of superior service, and service is the most important aspect of her life. “I strive every day to help make someone’s day better, help everyone feel welcome, or merely try to make those around me smile,” she said. 

Her dedication to excellence in the College is evident in everything she does.

“Superior service doesn’t mean just one thing, it means all the things.” For Stark, this award is an honor of her hard work and craft of caring.

Marisa Winking

Marisa Winking is with the Department of Sociology and serves as the Administrative Coordinator. In her position, she assists prospective graduate students in recruitment efforts, admission processes, and admittance to the program, as well as aiding the department Graduate Advisor. 

“I love engaging with our graduate students, staff, and faculty,” said Winking. “It is a calm and harmonious working environment.” 

In addition to her job duties, she helps current graduate students and faculty, and general office maintenance including managing the department website and social media.

“The sociology department is really amazing at making sure that I know that I am valued just another reason why I love my job,” she said.

Winking said she feels honored with this recognition.

“I’m really grateful to be recognized as such a valuable team player,” she said.

The College of Liberal Arts is grateful for all of our wonderful staff members!