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Associate professor wins Provost Academic Professional Track Teaching Excellence Award

Instructional associate professor in the Dept. of Anthropology, Catharina Laporte, wins a Provost Academic Professional Track Teaching Excellence Award and will be celebrated at a luncheon at the end of the month.

By Hannah LeGare ’19

Catharina Laporte

Catharina Laporte, instructional associate professor in the Department of Anthropology, has been recognized and distinguished as one of several winners of the Provost Academic Professional Track Teaching Excellence Award

According to the Center for Teaching Excellence, the “award encourages, recognizes, and rewards faculty who provide students with meaningful learning experiences, embrace effective teaching approaches, and value student-centered learning.”

The award illustrates both the impact of an effective teaching approach and the value of student-centered learning. Recipients of this award will receive a $5,000 cash stipend, generously gifted by the Marie M. and James H. Galloway Foundation, and will hold this award title for life.

This is Laporte’s first teaching award and she is proud of her accomplishments in teaching. “To be recognized among my peers for something I love to do makes me feel validated.”

According to a Texas A&M Today release, a colleague described Laporte’s commitment to teaching excellence by saying, “I have met many great instructors over the years who are dedicated to their teaching, but I can unequivocally say that I have never met anyone with Catharina’s enthusiasm, excitement, and commitment to teaching.”

Laporte sees that in teaching excellence, she is facilitating the growth of the leaders of tomorrow, as she teaches them to be compassionate, innovative team players who think ethically, critically, and holistically, and are respectful of diverse opinions and inclusive in their practice.

Laporte attributes her success to the College of Liberal Arts and her colleagues’ support. “Liberal Arts gives STEAM to STEM, as it provides the glue, the connection, and the humanity in creating new opportunities.” She is passionate about answering global challenges and problems with an interdisciplinary approach through the College. Her goal is to reach the world through teaching and service.

“I sincerely care about our students and have faith in them to be responsible contributors who lead change.”

Laporte, along with other recipients of the award, will be celebrated at a luncheon on Feb. 27.

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