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Cameron Hurta ’20: A First-Generation College Student on a Mission

Cameron Hurta '20 was empowered to follow his higher education dreams and become a first-generation student at Texas A&M University when he received the T.J. Connelly Endowed Scholarship.

Editor’s Note: The Empowering Excellence series features recipients of generous donors’ support who’ve been empowered to achieve excellence in their studies, research, and academic programs.

The students and faculty members featured in the Empowering Excellence series serve as a reminder that by working together the Aggie family makes a major difference. We hope you find inspiration in what you are about to read, because you continue to inspire us. Thank you for all that you do.

Cameron Hurta '20 shows his Aggie spirit by holding a, "Don't mess with Texas A&M" flag.

Cameron Hurta ’20 was empowered to become a first-generation college student thanks to a generous scholarship funded by Kimberly Martinez.

Cameron Hurta ‘20 took an unconventional road to becoming an Aggie. He began at the University of Texas, but soon realized he was missing the immeasurable camaraderie and dedication to the Aggie Core values Texas A&M University offered. So he made the switch, following in the footsteps of his aunt, a fellow trail-blazer. 

“My aunt—the only Aggie in my family—attended Texas A&M in the early 80s and was one of the first women in the Corps of Cadets for band,” Cameron explained in a thank you letter to a donor whose generosity empowered him to attend Texas A&M. “Unfortunately, she passed away her senior year. While I never met my aunt, the opportunity to graduate from Texas A&M feels like I have the chance to finish the journey she started.”

While his aunt represented Texas A&M in the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band, Cameron represents the university by serving as a yearly Muster host, presiding over an anti-trafficking student organization, and conducting research as an Aggie Research Scholar. 

“My time at Texas A&M has not only fortified my intelligence, but also transformed me into an individual who cares deeply for the stories around him.” Cameron said. “Your support of Aggie students exemplifies the Aggie Core Values. Thank you for your loyalty to Texas A&M University, your dedication to the Aggie Spirit, and your support of students like me.”

As a first generation college student, Cameron says he is thankful for many things: the opportunity to pursue higher education and to be part of the Aggie family; for generous donors like Kimberly Martinez, who funded the T.J. Connelly Endowed Scholarship Cameron received; and, perhaps most of all, for the chance to finish the first-generation college student journey his aunt started.