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Hannah Hastings ‘22 : A Fourth-Generation Aggie with a Soul for Service

Hannah Hastings '22 was empowered to continue her family’s legacy of serving others at Texas A&M University when she received the Liberal Arts Development Council Scholarship (LADC).

By Amber Francis ‘22

Hannah Hastings ’22 was empowered to serve her community as a fourth-generation Aggie thanks to the generosity of donors who funded the Liberal Arts Development Council (LADC) Scholarship.

To class of 2022 communications student Hannah Hastings, Texas A&M University has always felt like home. As a fourth-generation, small-town Aggie, the decision to attend Texas A&M was easy; her values of community, leadership, and selfless service are mirrored at the university.

It is this sense of community and support that has allowed Hastings to flourish as a member of Aggie ACHIEVEmates and Student Government Association’s Disability Sub Commission. She cites her fellow Aggies as a source of both support and personal growth; as people who stood beside her and encouraged her to lead, serve, and learn.

Through my involvement in Aggie ACHIEVEmates, I’m able to partner with a student with a disability and teach her how to prioritize her physical health at the student Rec Center,” Hastings explained. “While I teach her to properly lift weights, she teaches me how to be open to new experiences by demonstrating her willingness in everything we’ve worked on together. My assistance is a stepping stone to her health experience, and her perspective is a stepping stone to my outlook in other areas of life.”

Passionate about educating the public on disabilities and correcting the misinformation that creates barriers towards this community’s success, Hastings hopes to use the opportunity given to her by the Liberal Arts Development Council (LADC) scholarship to pursue a public relations career in the non-profit sector. She hopes to work with an organization that supports the advocacy and improvement of quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

“We are all capable of so much more together than we are alone. I think of Kyle Field on Gameday—the 12th Man, standing, yelling, waving our towels—ready to step in and support our Aggies on and off the field,” Hastings said. “That support is what makes my experience possible, and it is truly an honor to step into every classroom, meeting, and opportunity knowing it was made possible by the generosity of others who believe in my ability to pursue excellence.”

Hastings would like to send an overwhelming thanks to donors that have supported her experience at Texas A&M, whose contributions to the LADC scholarship have allowed her to continue learning, growing, and serving other Aggies and the local community.