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On The Hunt: Do You Know These Twelve Locations Around Campus?

Play our scavenger hunt style game to explore Texas A&M University and discover hidden campus gems.

Photos and text by Anna Burson ‘24
Graphic by Dana Dang ’23

Let’s play a game! Below is a list of pictures and clues of twelve places you should visit on campus! Whether you’re a student, former student, or just visiting Aggieland, play to learn more about Texas A&M University

Check your answers using the answer key at the end of this page. Good luck and happy hunting! 

1. Stained Glass Skylight

Photo of a stained glass skylight in a famous, old building on campus.

While this window is at the heart of this building, you’ll only see it if you look up. While the skylight sometimes goes unnoticed, the green dome it’s housed in might ring a bell! 

2. Mosaic Art

Picture of mosaic art work.

You may have to look a little harder for this one since it’s in a covered entry! This beautiful mosaic art piece can be found on the east side of campus. Look closely at the flowers for a little hint of which department’s building to look for!  

3. Does This Look Fur-miliar?  

Campus feline house.

Miss Rev will always be the highest-ranking mascot in our hearts, but these furry little cat friends are a close second! While on your way to class from The Commons, you may see some claw-fully cute cats in this feline abode (and maybe some squirrels too).

4. A Room With A View 

View of the clock tower from inside a classroom building on campus.

With this view of the clocktower, you’ll never be late to class. On the second floor of this building, you may catch students studying with white boards and enjoying the views of campus from every angle! 

5. Want To Hear A Joke About Potassium?…K 

Brick wall with plenty of windows and colorful tiles.

Don’t walk by this spot too fast or you may miss these little symbols on the side of the building! Make sure to take a look inside as well to see the gold embellishments. The H2O fountain out front surely goes along well with this spot! 

6. How Blue-tiful

Blue doors with intricate iron details are the iconic focal point of this entry way.

If your favorite color is blue this building is for you! Two lamp posts stand at the entry of this building, making it impossible to miss! 

7. You’ve Got Mail 

A golden letter box fit for administrators is left open.

Even though Harry Potter got his letters delivered via owl, those who office here use this letter box! This building has large steps leading up to its entry as well as gorgeous columns and a flag pole that stands out front. 

8. English And Performance Studies, Oh My! 

This building is right behind the Administration building and has modern metal work.

At this location you can find performance spaces, costume designs, and recording studios! This location is home to the second largest college at Texas A&M, and when you find it you’ll get to admire the gorgeous landscaping surrounding the building. 

9. Game Day Spirit 

These Aggies know how to cheer on the Aggies and are pros at singing the War Hymn.

A game day favorite, the “Aggie War Hymn” is a tradition that dates all the way back to 1918! While visiting this monument, you’ll be at the foot of where the magic happens on Saturdays during the fall! 

10. Tunnel Vision 

You might pass through this tunnel and feel the Aggie Spirit while walking to the MSC from the REC.

“It’s the Spirit of Aggieland!” On your way into main campus from West Campus Garage you’ll find this lyric from our alma mater!

11. Put An Aggie Ring On It

This Aggie Ring is in the "campus living room."

The Aggie ring is a staple tradition of Texas A&M! While admiring this display, you may even get to hear the piano play!

12. It’s Fun To Stay At The…

This building has great study spots just off Military Walk.

Last but not least, is this foyer. On either side of the room is a gorgeous fireplace with mosaic style tiling! There is still plenty of seating if you’re looking for a place to cool off and study here. 

Answer Key

  1. Academic Building 
  2. Halbouty Geosciences Building
  3. Between Heldenfels Hall and Biological Sciences Building 
  4. Innovative Learning Classroom Building (ILCB) 
  5. Chemistry Building 
  6. Scoates Hall 
  7. Jack K. Williams Administration Building 
  8. Liberal Arts & Humanities Building 
  9. The War Hymn Monument 
  10. Billy Pickard ‘56 Pedestrian Passageway 
  11. Stephen Horn ‘79 Flag Room 
  12. YMCA Building