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Bec Morris ’23: Writing a Legacy

Bec Morris ‘23 was empowered to pursue their passion for journalism. Now, Morris is an Aggie writer who has a legacy to fulfill.

By Tiarra Drisker ‘25

Bec Morris

“Life without learning is simply surviving, in my opinion. Whatever I do, I want to be challenged to grow and learn about the forces impacting the world,” Morris shared.

Bec Morris ‘23 knew they wanted to become a writer ever since receiving their first creative writing assignment in fourth grade. Morris even began publishing  household “newspapers,” printing out copies on a home printer to distribute to each family member at the age of 9. Throughout high school, Morris participated in their school’s journalism program. Now, Morris is a journalism major with minors in neuroscience and psychology.

“I decided to apply to Texas A&M University, my parents’ alma mater, so I could write for The Battalion newspaper,” Morris said. “I always loved the history surrounding campus, and thus was immediately welcomed into both The Battalion and Student Bonfire.”

At The Battalion, Morris held positions as a reporter, a managing editor, news editor, a life & arts desk assistant and co-editor, and also held the position of magazine editor at Maroon Life. As for Bonfire, they served as a Les Appelt Crew Chief for 2020 and will continue participating this fall. Morris currently works for the Texas A&M Foundation, producing  content for the marketing department.

“Journalism is a field that focuses on keeping the public informed on world and local events, as well as hearing stories about individuals and I’ve always wanted to be a part of that,” Morris explained. “My minors came from my natural curiosity about the brain and how humans think, which often translates into behavioral patterns that impact our day-to-day lives, and can play a role in the journalism industry that reports when daily interactions go awry.” 

Morris plans to empower a community to tap into their history by reporting it in a local magazine after graduating from Texas A&M.  

“Ultimately, I would like to be a historical journalist for a magazine or other more feature-based publication,” Morris shared. “I’m fascinated by people and the marks they have left on the world as they journey through it, and thus researching history stimulates my curiosity. Life without learning is simply surviving, in my opinion. Whatever I do, I want to be challenged to grow and learn about the forces impacting the world.”

Morris received the Audrey Cardenas Endowed Memorial Fund Scholarship, the Laurie and Homer ‘87 Jacobs Journalism Scholarship, and the Frank W. Mayborn Scholarship. With these scholarships, Morris is  empowered to further cultivate their goals. They have been able to stay in Bonfire, provide their friends with emotional support, focus on their studies, and develop their hobbies and interests.

“I could not be more thankful for the support of my donors,” Morris said. They invested in my future, and I hope to honor their legacies by being the best I can be as a journalist, leader, friend and role model for those that come after me.”