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Winnie The Pooh As An Aggie

The first day of classes in 2022 falls on National Winnie the Pooh Day. To celebrate, we’re imagining the silly old bear and his friends as College of Liberal Arts students.

By Rachel Knight ‘18

Like most students at Texas A&M University, Winnie the Pooh would probably find himself excited and a little nervous while exploring the 5,200 acre campus on his first day of classes. He’d also quickly discover the key to enjoying life in Aggieland – surrounding himself with special friends. 

In honor of national Winnie the Pooh day, the College of Liberal Arts has reimagined Pooh Bear and his closest friends as College of Liberal Arts students. Join us in bouncing around campus with Tigger, hiding out in the library with Piglet, and making lasting friendships on our quest for a small smackerel of honey with Pooh.


Pooh explores the Hundred Acre Wood.
Major: Communication
Winnie the Pooh may not always know what to do, but he always has something friendly to say. That’s why he chose to study communication and take interpersonal communication classes from professors like Stacy Aschenbeck and Sara Rowe.


Piglet bounces out of a Jack in the box
Major: English
Piglet may fear the world around him, but he enjoys the effect of escape brought about by a good book. His desire to share this method of travel led him to Texas A&M to study English with professors like Elizabeth Robinson.


Tigger bounces on Pooh Bear.
Major: Anthropology
Adventures are what Tiggers do best! Tigger is full of curiosity, making anthropology the perfect major for him. As an Aggie, he enjoys participating in archeological digs with the Center for the Study of the First Americans


Eeyore tries on a yoyo for a tail.
Major: Performance Studies 
Eeyore learns to put on a happy face while studying music, film, theater, and cultural expressions in the Department of Performance Studies. 

Kanga and Roo

Kanga gives little Roo a warm hug.
Major: Women’s and Gender Studies
Kanga and Roo have a unique parent child bond. Together as women’s and gender studies majors, they explore exciting topics like politics, health, literature, history, sociology, and psychology while also cultivating social justice, activism, and advocacy against injustice. 

Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin and the Hundred Acre Wood community enjoy an outdoor party.
Major: Sociology 
As a young adult, Christopher Robin quickly realized he took the cultural sociology at work in the Hundred Acre Wood for granted. Now he’s interested in the effect social relationships have on cultures and how culture informs interaction and social structure. 


Rabbit lets out a sigh.
Major: Economics
Rabbit quickly realized some financial economics courses could take his garden from a hobby to a business. Now he studies with professors like Adel Varghese to learn more about linkages between banks and other credit institutions.


Major: History
Owl realizes that to truly be wise, one must understand the past. For that reason he decided to enroll as a history major at Texas A&M University. He enjoys studying history with professors like Armando Alonzo and Brian M. Linn.