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    Cell phone screen with text.

    Social Media Key to Public Health, Monitoring Disease Outbreak

    The rise of social media in the past decade has created a more efficient way to identify disease outbreak through media platforms such as Twitter. Texas A&M health communication expert Dr. Lu Tang and her team work together to identify health behaviors, beliefs and attitudes on social media during disease outbreaks.

    A new Texas A&M University-led study suggests that the size of mobile phone screens can affect how news consumers process information.

    Smartphones May Limit Understanding Of News Content

    Johanna Dunaway, an associate professor in the Department of Communication, found that the size of smartphone screens can affect how well consumers understand information from video news.

    Octavia Spencer

    It’s a Golden Age for Black Horror Films

    For decades, black characters in horror movies were objects of ridicule, died first or played evil Voodoo practitioners. But now we’re seeing a wave of films created by blacks and starring blacks.