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New Look for COMM Day

The virtual COMM Day on Oct. 8 will look quite a bit different than past years, but what hasn't changed, said Kylene Wesner, is the valuable opportunity to meet and hear from COMM alumni about job search and career strategies.

By Hannah Brennan

AAB members smile for a photo.

COMM Day will look different but the Alumni Advisory Board has put together the same workshops that help students create successful job and career strategies.

The Department of Communication Alumni Advisory Board is hosting Career Awareness Workshops on Thursday, Oct. 8 via Zoom.

Professionals with Texas A&M University Communication degrees will talk about real-life experiences in the workforce for current communication, media studies and journalism studies majors. The workshop is from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and offers a range of presentations including speakers and panels of Texas A&M alumni offering tactics to market a communications degree.

“[The Alumni Advisory Board’s] dedication to our students and the knowledge and experience they bring to these presentations is an invaluable resource for our students and provides a chance to meet and network to keep these connections going after COMM Day is over,” said Kylene Wesner, Ph.D., assistant director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Communication.

All workshop sessions will be recorded, Wesner said, for anyone unable to attend by Zoom and for professors want to offer extra credit to students for participating in sessions. Wesner noted professors can receive a list of students who attended via a Google form students complete that also confirms participation in the full session via the Zoom log.

“COMM Day looks quite a bit different than it has in the past,” said Wesner. “The Alumni Advisory Board has put together a great set of panels to help to students get a glimpse into what careers with a communication degree can look like as well as gain specific skills for looking for and interviewing for a job during this unprecedented time in our history due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”


The passcode for every meeting is: AAB

Workshop Session 19:30-10:30 am

9:30- A Day in the Life – Panel Speakers James Baril, Matthew Lathrop, Jay Socol 


9:30 – Transitioning from School to Work – Speaker Rachel Hohlt 


9:30-Public Relations – Speaker Rebecca Reap 


9:30-Grad School: Is it for me? – Speaker Julie Reed 


Workshop Session 2  – 11 am-12 pm

11:00-A Day in the Life – Panel Speakers (Benton Hodges, Kristen Bates, Alex Yap) 


11:00-Overcoming Failure – Speaker Laura Bentz 


11:00-Successful First Years (for freshmen and sophomores) – Speaker Rebecca Reap 


11:00-Media Relations – Speaker Jay Socol 


Workshop Session 32-3 pm

2:00-Interviewing During Covid – Speaker Jessica Clements 


2:00-The Career Playground – Speakers Chelsea Sweat, Laura Bentz 


 2:00-Advertising and PR During Covid – Speaker Alex Yap


 2:00-Internal Brand Management – Speaker Michelle Hobbs


Workshop Session 43:30-4:30 pm

3:30-A Day in the Life Panel Speakers Lori Downing, James Baril, Benton Hodges


3:30-Brand Management Speaker Chelsea Sweat


3:30-Leadership Development Speaker Michelle Hobbs