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Degree Programs & Certificates

Communication and Telecommunication Media Studies are degrees in one of the fastest growing liberal arts majors in the country. The Department of Communication at Texas A&M features leading scholars in the field, excited to share cutting-edge theories and practices in many aspects of communication and media. A graduate with one of our degrees will communicate with excellence both orally and in writing, enter the workforce able to excel in a wide variety of environments and lead innovation.  They have superb analytical skills, work effectively as a team members, and enter civic life with the communicative competence necessary to make a difference not only in their communities, but on the global stage.



By the junior year, each COMM or TCMS student will choose a minor.  Descriptions of minors may be found at  Choose Undergraduate Catalog, and then the College that offers the minor.


The Certificate Program is an option for customization. A Certificate Program is a series of courses providing in-depth study, so you can get the most up-to-date skills and information you need to excel in your chosen field. Certificates combine prescribed coursework with high impact experiences to provide focus in a particular area. These include the following certificates:


If you are interested in a certificate, please apply as soon as possible through the links above.

Here is our Associate Head for Undergraduate Studies, Nancy Street, discussing our certificate programs.