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James Baril ’02

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Senior Vice President and Partner
Areas of Speciality
  • Public Relations
  • VOX Global Dallas TX


James’ career of 15 years has been as a political campaign hack, Congressional staffer and public affairs executive and has focused on helping organizations and individual leaders enhance their reputation and build a base of stakeholders to advocate on their behalf. He has particular expertise with message development, influencer engagement, digital communications,  executive support and leveraging the lessons of behavioral science for effective communication. He has helped manage issues that have included tech policy, healthcare policy and good old-fashioned NIMBY campaigns. As a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM), James also supports privacy and cybersecurity issues for his clients.

As a Senior Vice President and Partner at VOX Global, James manages VOX’s operations in Texas, co-leads the Technology practice group and is a leader on the Grassroots & Strategic Alliances.

James is also a veteran of several political and grassroots campaigns in Texas. He served as an aide to U.S. Senator John Cornyn (RTX) and Congressman Henry Bonilla (R-TX). From 2003 through November 2005, he served as deputy regional director for Senator Cornyn in the Southwest & South Central Texas office. In 2005, he successfully managed Texas House Speaker Joe Straus’ then special election campaign.

James has expertise in the area of public affairs.

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