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Michael Beck

Areas of Speciality
  • Communication & Media Science
  • Media, Culture, and Identity
  • Rhetoric and Public Affairs
  • BLTN 302E


Dr. Beck is a lecturer of Communication Studies with interests of teaching students about being better self-advocate in their lives, education, and careers. He believes in helping students become more self-motivated and directed to pursue areas of interests they find personally and professionally fulfilling.


Dr. Michael (Jake) Beck’s is a 2021 PHD graduate from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale. Before this he obtained his M.S. from the University of North Texas in 2014.  His academic interests are the intersections between Performance Studies and Video Game Studies through the use of live, embodied performances. He is also interested in Media Studies, Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, and Communication Ethics. Dr. Beck enjoys playing video games as much as he researches them and welcomes anyone to stop and chat if they are interested as well.