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Mikayla Renwick

Kay Renwick
PhD Program
  • BLTN 007


What helps or hinders the Black community’s progression in the United States of America? That is the question that drives my research. Focusing my research on the ways media is used to not only portray Black people, but also influence those who consume this rhetoric. Whether I am looking at sports and race relations, unequal access to housing, or unfair treatment in medical centers, for me it’s about defining the “what” in my question and producing an outcome that can specifically help the progression of the Black community. Specific outcomes that I would like to come from my research is educating the Black community specifically, creating change in education systems, and opening doors that were once closed. When doing research Iwould like to get in the room with those who are directly affected by systemic inequalities and racism and produce ethnographic research, look at textual analysis and other forms of qualitative research. For me, it is about finding the discrepancies in certain areas and finding ways to close those gaps.