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  • January mammoth trumpet cover. Painting of Paleoamericans and animals sharing space in ancient New Mexico.

    In The Latest Issue of Mammoth Trumpet

    Take care and read your Mammoth Trumpet! The Winter Mammoth Trumpet has published! Learn more about the White Sands footprints, early tobacco use in North America, populating South America via the Pacific coast, Guadalupe S├ínchez and her desert culture studies, and much more. The Mammoth Trumpet is produced four times a year and has been […]

  • Thank You written with winter background, winter colors.

    A Year of Excellence

    Happy New Year! We hope you had a peaceful holiday season. The Center for the Study of the First Americans is the premier research organization dedicated to understanding the Ice Age peopling of the Americas. One of the reasons is because of your support and we thank you! Your membership and the generosity of your […]