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Adam Burke (Ph.D.)

Adam Burke
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Adam completed his BA in History at Wilkes University in 2010 and his MA in Applied Archaeology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2014. He is a Ph. D. student in the Center for the Study of the First Americans whose research focuses on geochemical sourcing of Florida toolstone and its implications for explaining Paleoindian mobility and subsistence strategies. Additionally, his research interests include Paleoindian lithic technology, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, and site formation processes in karst environments. His recent research has included using Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (PXRF) to determine chert provenance and define the effects of chemical weathering on lithic, ivory, and bone recovered from submerged contexts in Northwest Florida. Adam’s past experience includes submerged prehistoric excavations in Florida, terrestrial and underwater surveys in the Great Basin, and Cultural Resource Management survey throughout the Northeastern United States.