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Kelly Graf

Kelly Graf
Center Faculty
  • (979) 845-4046
  • Anth 210
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Dr. Kelly Graf is an Associate Professor in Anthropology, Ray A. Rothrock ’77 Fellow in the College of Liberal Arts, and faculty member of the Center. Her research interests include the dispersal of early modern humans in arctic and arid environments, peopling of Northeast Asia, Beringia, and the Americas, Upper Paleolithic and Paleoindian archaeology, hunter-gatherer ecology and adaptations in extreme environments, human-environment interaction, environmental archaeology, geoarchaeology, and lithic technology. Graf is currently directing excavations at the McDonald Creek site, a multicomponent terminal Pleistocene site located in the Tanana Flats in interior Alaska. She has also directed or co-directed several other excavation projects in Siberia, Alaska, and the Intermountain West that focus on initial dispersals into these regions. To date, the National Science Foundation and Elfrieda Frank Foundation have supported most of her research, including excavations at the Owl Ridge and Dry Creek sites in central Alaska, Bonneville Estates Rockshelter in eastern Nevada, survey work in Alaska, and collections-based research in Siberia. Graf has authored or co-authored many journal articles and book chapters dealing with the peopling of Siberia, Beringia, and the Americas, and has edited two book volumes on late Pleistocene archaeology.

Selected Publications

Graf, K. E., L. M. DiPietro, K. Krasinski, A. K. Gore, H. L. Smith, B. J. Culleton, D. J. Kennett, D. Rhode (2015) Dry Creek Revisited: New Excavations, Radiocarbon Dates, and Site Formation Inform on the Peopling of the Eastern Beringia. American Antiquity 80(4):1-24.

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Goebel, T., H. L. Smith, L. DiPietro, M. R. Waters, B. Hockett, K. E. Graf, R. Gal, S. B. Slobodin, R. J. Speakman, S. G. Driese, D. Rhode (2013) Serpentine Hot Springs, Alaska: results of excavations and implications for the age and significance of northern fluted points. Journal of Archaeological Science 40:4222-4233.

Graf, K.E., N. Bigelow (2011) Human Response to Climate during the Younger Dryas Chronozone in Central Alaska. Quaternary International 242:434-451.

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