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Neil Puckett (Ph.D.)

Neil Puckett
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Research Project

Neil’s current research focus is the relationship between Paleoindians and water resources in the northwestern Great Basin. He is looking to identify how people adapted to changes in these systems as Pleistocene lakes dried up and access to water became more difficult. To accomplish this, he is investigating fluvial systems and basins that have been consistently inundated in the Great Basin and its western margin after 13,000 years ago. He will also be directing research such as coring within the lacustrine environments to determine the potential for submerged archaeology and buried “open air” sites at the margins between lacustrine and fluvial systems. The pilot study will be used to plan a survey, excavation, and testing program around and within the fluvial and lacustrine systems to present a complete picture of Paleoindian land use around the selected water systems. Ultimately this research will allow for a better understanding of how life ways changed in the Great Basin from the Late Pleistocene through the Early Holocene.