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Ted Goebel

Dr. Ted Goebel
Center Associate Director
  • (979) 845-4046
  • Anth 210
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Dr. Ted Goebel is the Associate Director of the Center. He is known for his expertise in First American studies and lithic analysis. Goebel has worked on many early sites in Russia and the United States. From 2000-2009 he directed excavations at Bonneville Estates Rockshelter (Nevada) and other Paleoindian sites in the Great Basin, and in 2007 he initiated a new research program investigating the Ice Age colonization of the Bering Land Bridge area – Alaska and northeast Asia. In 2009-2010 the Beringia program has focused on excavation of the Serpentine Hot Springs fluted point site (Alaska), production of the book From the Yenisei to the Yukon: Interpreting Lithic Assemblage Variability in Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene Beringia, and survey for new sites in different area of Alaska. Goebel advised graduate students investigating a wide range of topics including Clovis technology in the American Southeast, the stemmed-point complex of the intermountain west during the terminal Pleistocene, fluted point technology in the north, and human settlement of central Alaska’s uplands. In 2011 and 2012 Goebel is a Sigma Xi distinguished lecturer.

Selected Publications

Goebel, T., and B. A. Potter (2015, in press) First traces: Late Pleistocene human settlement of the Arctic. In Handbook of Arctic Archaeology, edited by O. Mason and M. Friesen. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Goebel, T. (2014) The overland dispersal of modern humans to eastern Asia: an alternative, northern route from Africa. In Emergence and Diversity of Modern Human Behavior in Paleolithic Asia, edited by Y. Kaifu, M. Izuho, T. Goebel, H. Sato, and A. Ono, pp. 437-452. Texas A&M University Press, College Station.

Goebel, T. (2014) Clovis Culture Update. In Clovis: On the Edge of a New Understanding, edited by A. M. Smallwood and T. A. Jennings, pp. 325-352. Texas A&M University Press, College Station.

Kaifu, Y., M. Izuho, T. Goebel, H. Sato, and A. Ono (editors (2014) Emergence and Diversity of Modern Human Behavior in Paleolithic Asia. Texas A&M University Press, College Station

Goebel, T., and J. L. Keene (2014) Are Great Basin stemmed points as old as Clovis in the intermountain west? A review of the geochronological evidence. In: Janetski, J., and N. Parezo (eds.) Archaeology for All Times: Papers in Honor of Don D. Fowler, pp. 35-60. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.

Goebel, T., Smith, H. L., DiPietro, L., Waters, M. R., Hockett, B., Graf, K. E., Gal, R., Slobodin, S. B., Speakman, R. J., Driese, S. G., Rhode, D. (2013), Serpentine Hot Springs, Alaska: results of excavations and implications for the age and significance of northern fluted points. Journal of Archaeological Science 40:4222-4233.

Goebel, T. (2013) Global expansion 300,000-8000 years ago, Americas. In: Elias, S., and C. Gamble (eds.) Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science, pp. 119-134 Elsevier, Amsterdam.