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2020-2021 Undergraduate Scholarship Award Winners

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The Department of Economics is proud to announce the winners of the 2020-2021 school year
undergraduate scholarship awards. The department is privileged to have seven endowed
scholarships to administer, and this year 34 different ECON students were awarded a
scholarship – CONGRATULATIONS!

NEAL HAHN: Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hahn endowed The Neal Hahn Scholarship in 1980 in
honor of their son Neal.
This year’s winners of the Neal Hahn scholarship are:

Srikari Ayyagari
Ashley Callahan
Madison Gibson
Jessica Goode
Philip Kramer
Barane Natarajan
Zhaohua Pei
Claire Risher

JACQUELENE BROWNING: The Jacquelene Browning Scholarship was endowed in 1989
in honor of Jacquelene Browning and is awarded each year to the best qualified honors
Economics student who will be entering their senior year of study.
This year’s winner of the Jacquelene Browning scholarship are:

Kevin Castaneda
Kristen Davis
Jessica Lyng
Joel Roesner
Gage Sattler
Liam Shin
Noah Skrudland

SVETOZAR PEJOVICH: Professor Svetozar Pejovich taught for over 25 years with the
Texas A&M Department of Economics. To honor his distinguished contributions to the field,
the Professor Svetozar Pejovich Future Leaders Award for Texas A&M University
undergraduate economics students was established.
We have five winners of the Svetozar Pejovich scholarship. They are:

Joseph Ender
Julius Jang
Sophie Jolas
James Lovell
Reagan Loxton

KIMBERLY AND ANTHONY BUGAI: The Kimberly and Anthony Bugai Scholarship was
endowed in 2015 by Kimberly and Anthony Bugai to provide scholarships to ECON students
in good standing.
The winner of the Kimberly and Anthony Bugai scholarship this year is:

Caleb Zuniga

ELKIN: Valorie and Jeff Elkin endowed the Elkin Scholarship in 2009. The Elkin family has a
long history with Texas A&M and in 2009 three endowments were set up for the departments
of Economics, Petroleum Engineering and Computer Science – the three departments where
the Elkin children received their A&M degrees.
This year’s winner of the Elkin scholarship is: Hudson Wittig

There were 12 other ECON students that were awarded various scholarships through the
College of Liberal Arts:

The Andrea R. and Lyle A Eastham Scholarship was awarded to: David Gracia

The Carol C. ’79 and John T. ’79 Rynd Scholarship was awarded to the following ECON
James McDougal
Jadelin Nguyen
Abdullah Shaikh
Oscar Villanueva

The Donald R. Burrus ’42 Memorial Scholarship was awarded to the following ECON
Mariam Khalfe
Sukritee Parajuli
Alexa Zotos

The Miky Sodhi ’04 Scholarship was awarded to: Milton Molina

The Rebecca F. Mentzer ’16 Endowed Scholarship was awarded to: Kalista Jordan-Debruin

The T.J. Connelly Liberal Arts Scholarship was awarded to:
William Cooper
Ashley Dennis

Congratulations to all of our Economic Scholarship Awardees!
Thank you to the donors who have made these scholarships possible