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TAMU Economics Masters Student Helps the City of College Station Win a Distinguished National Award

Tarek Natsheh, an MS ECON student, helps the City of College Station win a national award. Congratulations Tarek!

In the Fall of 2021, Tarek Natsheh (MS ECON student) interned in the College Station Office of the City Auditor.

The City of College Station’s Internal Audit Office was recently informed by the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA) that they were awarded a Distinguished Knighton Award for a 2021 audit of the City’s payroll processes.

ALGA developed the Knighton Award in 1995 to recognize exceptional performance audit reports, and to help audit shops continue to improve their performance audit programs. The award is named after Dr. Lennis M. Knighton, long considered the inventor of modern performance auditing. This is the fourth time the City of College Station has received a Knighton Award since the Internal Audit Office was established in 2007. For more information on ALGA and the Knighton Award, you may visit

The team who conducted the audit can be seen in the attached photo. Team members from left to right starting in the back are as follows: Jacob Bronson (Intern, MPA candidate at the Bush School of Government and Public Service), Ty Elliott (City Internal Auditor), Tarek Natsheh (Intern, M.S. candidate at TAMU’s Department of Economics), Carling Repass (Intern, MPA candidate at the Bush School of Government and Public Service), Ana Mazmishvili (Assistant Internal Auditor), and Rachel Mayor (Public Communications Multi-Media Coordinator).

To read the City’s winning audit report, click on the following link: